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This is the "Fun" Section in our site, with Quizzes, Jokes, Games and other similar stuff that offer a mild diversion to the serious world of Tamil Cinema (who am I kidding :-). We, at Tamil Thirai Valai welcome your suggestions, comments, Quizzes and Fun Articles to this section.

Arvind SwamyHave a clue as to who was Maniratnam's first choice to play Rishi, the cryptologist in Roja?   Take Balaji's Quiz on romantic heroes, stories and more, to find the answer!..


Sivaji & SavitriSo, do you know the first film where Sivaji and Savitri acted together as hero and heroine?  Check out Srini's Quiz to find out the answer.


VairamuthuThe Latest Algorithm from Vairamuthu ?.. Ramesh Mahadevan's hilarious followup to his earlier article!


We call it lip-syncing!!! How would you call it? Enjoy this new style... Does it really puzzle you? by Srini Raman...



Do you know which director introduced the actress in this picture? (Currently she lives in Bay Area, CA...). This question and more in this Quiz by TTV quiz editor Srini Raman!



Director's SpecialFrom Barathiraja to Mani Rathnam - test your knowledge of the directors who shaped Tamil Cinema in this new interactive Quiz!



Andha Andavan Solran..."Andha Rajini Solran, Indha Rasigan Ketkaran"

- 10 Priceless Gems from the Superstar! -



The Copy Cat ?Ok, So Avvai Shanmughi was based on Mrs. Doubtfire! Now, do you know these other not so obvious connections. Find out  Kamal's Hollywood Fixation!



The Pilliayar Suzhi -

Guess the cover girl and much more. A Pot-Pourri...

Do you know the first tamil film actor who informed of his presence in the web world? And a lot more questions like this in this Javascript enabled Quiz by Balaji...


K.Bhagyaraj & Nagma in "Vettiya Madichchu Kattu"Do you know K. Bhagyaraj's first movie as an actor?   Take a guess in this Quiz from Prakash Balakrishnan



Siv-KamSivaji and Kamal paired first in this movie and do you know whose original name is Kundu Rao? These questions and more in this Quiz from TTV quiz editor Srini Raman



VairamuthuAn algorithmic approach to Tamil Verse... Ramesh Mahadevan's classic on Vairamuthu's lyrics..



Did you know that Sivaji GanesanSivaji! actually refused to act in a remake of a Telugu Box Office Hit that was guranteed to be a success in Tamil too. This, and more in this Quiz by P.M.Sundaravaradhan!



MGR & Smoking ?MGR lit up the screen alright! When did he smoke on screen ? Find out the answer to this and more in a Quiz by P.M.Sundaravaradhan!



When Did Kamal & Satyaraj work together for the Kamal & Satyaraj Together for the First Time ?first time ? Take this Quiz - A Pot Pourri by K.Mutuk Kumar