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1. Kabita, a typical melodramatic Bengali Movie made in the mid to late 70s had the usual love triangle. Ranjit Mallick and Mala Sinha played the two angles. Which Tamil film personality completed the triangle?

Kamal Haasan, in his only Bengali Movie appearance. (BTW, he loses out in the end to Ranjit Mallick.)

2. Who was Mani Rathnam's original choice to play Rishi, the cryptologist in Roja?

Rajeev Menon. When Rajeev refused, Ratham turned to Arvind Swamy, who had played a supporting role in His earlier film Dalapathy.

3. What is common to the endings of Minsara Kanavu and Punnagai Mannan?

Both the movies had alternate endings. Fearing that fans wouldn't take lightly to the death of Kamal and Revathi and Arvind Swamy's sacrifice, Balachander and Menon shot an alteranate 'happy' ending that was shown in some areas.

4. Connect the three - a famous love Ballad by the Beatles and Mouna Ragam and Moondram Pirai?

The Beatles' Most famous love Ballad - Michelle, appears in bothe Moonram Pirai (Silk Smitha listens to it on a walkman) and Mouna Ragam (Revathi listens to it in the house).

5. Taj Mahal, a love story in the making starring Manoj is the collabarative effort of three different directors. Who       are they?

Rajeev Menon, Mani Rathnam and Barathi Raja.

6. Which of the four Kamals does not have a Love interest in Michael Madan Kama Rajan?


7. Paruva Ragam, the musical starring Juhi Chawla and Ravichandran, was based on which Hollywood movie?

Grease 2.

8. Which love story starring Kamal Haasan and Rathi was the first movie produced by Kamal Haasan himself and was shot abroad in Europe and the US?

Ullasa Paravaigal.

9. Who plays Sreedevi's Love interest in the Rajinikanth Sreedevi starrer - Priya?

Ambarish - the Kannada Star.

10. What is common to Gemini Ganesan, Kamal Haasan, M.G.R, , Parthiban and Bhagyaraj among others?

They all ended up marrying one of their on-screen heroines (Gemini - Savithri, Kamal - Sarika, MGR - Janaki, Parthiban - Seetha, and Bhagyaraj - Poornima).

Balaji Thirumalai

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