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1. Nowadays Heros and Heroines are paid not less than few lakhs.   Name the first tamil actress to be paid a lakh for a movie?

Ans: K.B.Sundarambal

2. Name the only movie (till now) in which the Ace-Director K.Balachander  has directed the legendary 'Shivaji' Ganeshan?

Ans: Ediroli.

3. If MGR was Ronald Reagan of TamilNadu Politics, Who was called Cecil B. De Mile of Indian Cinema?

Ans: S.S.Vaasan

4. Name the first movie in which Kamalhassan and the 'hero-turned-villain' Satyaraj were associated ?

Ans: Sattam En Kayyil.

5. A Tamil actress had appeared in a Postal Stamp in another country.  Name the country and the actress.

Ans: Padmini, USSR.

6. Who made his debut as a music director in the Sridhar-'Gemini' Ganesan's hit Kalyana Parisu?

Ans: A.M.Raaja.

7. What is unique about the movie "Raja Raja Cholan" ?

Ans: First Tamil CinemaScope Movie.

8.  Name the five Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu who were associated with

Ans: C.N.Annadurai, Mu Ka, M.G.R., Janaki, Jayalalitha.

9. Which duo-directors directed the hit 'Paneer Pushppangal' ? [[Hint: one of them gave a mega hit with Prabhu-Kushboo ].

Ans: Bharathi - Vaasu (P.Vaasu directed Chinna Thambhi).

10. What is unique  about the movie Kadamai Ganiam Katupaadu, apart from  being a Raj Kamal Production movie without any songs in it.

Ans: Only Raajkamal movie in which Kamal Haasan hasn't acted.

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