Quiz #2. - Kamal's Hollywood Fixation

The inimitable Kamal Haasan has in fact imitated Hollywood many a time. Can you identify a few of them?

  1. Easy One: Two of Kamal's flicks have been based on "The God Father". One is of course, Nayagan. What's the more recent adaptation?

  2. The Richard Dreyfuss Starrer "Moon Over Parador" was remade twice, in recent time - once in Tamil/Telugu starring Kamal Haasan and again in English with Kevin Kline. Name the Tamil version? Give yourself a pat on the back if you can name the Kevin Kline version too!

  3. Kamal and Crazy Mohan re-wrote this Rosaenne-Meryl Streep comedy She-Devil in Tamil. Name it?

  4. This Kamal Haasan 'double-action' musical was in fact an unabashed adaptation of "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud". Can you name it?

  5. Though not based on a Hollywood production, Vetri Vizha was adapted from  a Famous Best-seller of the 80s, that was adapated in the US for the small screen with Richard Chamberlain in the lead. Name the Book/TV Movie?

  6. The climax of "Rajaparvai" was inspired by a similar scene in which English movie ?(Clue: It was Dustin Hoffman's second starring role - that has nothing to do with Rajaparvai, BTW!)

  7. Another Sitter : This Dolly Patron, Lily Tomlin comedy inspired this huge 90s hit from the Kamal-Crazy team. Name both the movies ?

  8. "Aahaan Vandirichu" from Kalyanaraman was in fact based on a song by a Western Rock Music Band, who reportedly even performed at IIT Madras once! Name the band?

  9. This James Belushi hit - The Principal  (if you are ever on the Universal Studios' backlot tour, you can see the sets of this movie) inspired this Kamal venture, directed by Setumadhavan. Name it?

  10. Jose Ferrer's potrayal of the French artist Henrie De Toulouse-Lautrec in "Moulin Rougue" inspired Kamal to taken on this role in this huge 80s hit, which also took its cue from this Arnold Schwarzengegger hit! Name the role and the movie ? (The story of Moulin Rouge had nothing to do with it - Jose Ferrer's portayal inspired Kamal to do something specific for this role!)

The Answers..

Compiled by Balaji Thirumalai.