Pot-Pourri - See how many of these questions you can answer. Quiz Compiled by one of our readers - K. Muthu Kumar

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  1. Nowadays Heros and Heroines are paid not less than few lakhs. Name the first tamil actress to be paid a lakh for a movie?

  2. Name the only movie (till now) in which the Ace-Director K.Balachander has directed the legendary 'Shivaji' Ganeshan?

  3. If MGR was Ronald Reagan of TamilNadu Politics, Who was called Cecil B. De Mile of Indian Cinema?

  4. Name the first movie in which Kamalhassan and the 'hero-turned-villain' Satyaraj were associated.

  5. A Tamil actress had appeared in a Postal Stamp in another country. Name the country and the actress.

  6. Who made his debut as a music director in the Sridhar-'Gemini' Ganesan's hit Kalyana Parisu?

  7. What is unique about the movie "Raja Raja Cholan"?

  8. Name the five Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu who were associated with Kodambakkam.

  9. Which duo-directors directed the hit 'Paneer Pushppangal'? [Hint: one of them gave a mega hit with Prabhu-Kushboo ].

  10. What is unique  about the movie Kadamai Ganiam Katupaadu, apart from being a Raj Kamal Production movie without any songs in it.


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