Pot-Pourri - See how many of these questions you can answer. Quiz Compiled by one of our readers - P.M. SUNDARAVARADHAN

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  1. A popular Tamil film actor was honoured as one day Mayor for Cairo in Egypt. Who is he?

  2. M.G.R. did not act as a smoker in any film except one. Name the movie ?

  3. Sivaji Ganesan, K.R.Vijaya and some other actors had acted in Sridhar's film without make-up. Which film is that?

  4. K.Balachander and Bharathi Raja are famous for introducing new faces to the film world. But one tamil director had already got the name of "Introducer of New Comers" even before their time. Who is this (nail bite) director?

  5. Most of his film titles start with 'PAA'. Who was this successful film director?  Clue:: His son is now a famous film editor.

  6. Most of MGR's movies ran well, exept  one, which was an utter failure after he had announced that he is resigning from Small Savings Organisation. What was that film?

  7. Though Mano and Deepan Chakraborthy can imitate old playback singers like TMS, this playback singer started this trend and has talent to sing like T.M.Soundararajan, C.S.Jayaraman. Who is this singer?

  8. Director Sridhar once started a  tamil film with M.G.R. but unfortunately this film was not completed. After some time this film was reproduced by the same director titled 'Sivandha Munn' cast: Shivaji Ganesan, Kanchana, Muthuraman, Nagesh, Suchhu, M.N.Nambiar, S.V.Ranga Rao, K.Vijayan and etc. What is the name of that original movie  acted by M.G.R.?  Clue: Bagyaraj selected this title for a remake of a popular Hindi movie.

  9. Who was the director of film Major Sundararajan's 'Naanal'?

  10. Many comedian singers have been popular in Tamil cinema, like N.S.Krishnan, etc. But this person was more like a Hollywood style comedian, singer, director. Who was he? Clue: He directed 'Thatungal Tirakkatum'.


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