Pot-Pourri - See how many of these questions you can answer. Quiz Compiled by one of our readers - P.M. SUNDARAVARADHAN

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  1. What was the First bi-lingual (Telugu Songs & Tamil Dialogues) talkie ?

  2. What is unique about Shanthi Theatre situated in Anna Salai, Chennai?

  3. Which is the First Tamil film made in full length colour?

  4. Which is the biggest Motion Picture Studio in South East Asia?

  5. What is Sivachandran's (Lakshmi's husband) first Tamil Movie?

  6. 'Rail' Radhika had won the Indira Gandhi Award for her best direction of a movie... Do you know which movie this is?

  7. Shivaji Ganesan has taken all kind of roles in his movies. But he refused to act in a tamil movie, a remake of Telugu super hit. Can you name this film? (Hint: Telugu movie's hero Dr.A. Nageswara Rao)

  8. What is the name of South India's First Silent Movie?

The Answers