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  1. Which is the First Eastman color movie in Tamil?

  2. This music director is called "Mama"....

  3. What is the first movie for K. Bhagyaraj, as an actor?

  4. In which movie did "Makkal Thilagam" M.G.R act with Kamalahassan?

  5. A Tamil movie was based on the English film "Come September". Name this movie.

  6. After starting his own production "Kavithalaya", K.Balachandar directed outsider's movie. What's that movie?

  7. There were three non-new faces in the movie "Aval Oru Thodarkathai". Who are they?

  8. Russia (formerly U.S.S.R) released a stamp carrying a picture of this famous Tamil movie actress. Can you guess who she is?

  9. "Female Sivaji" is the other name for this famous actress.

  10. Do you know the Tamil actor who rejected the "Padma Sri" award?

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