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Director's Touch: RAJAPARVAI

Whenever I think about the best scenes in tamil movies, the one which readily comes to my mind, is the one from Hassan Brother's rAjapArvai. This movie wasn't a big hit at all. But there were a lot of memorable scenes in this movie.It is one of the best performances given by Kamalahassan. Singeetham Srinivasa Rao directed this movie.

I guess most of us know the story, but for those who haven't seen this movie yet, it is about a blind man falling in love with a beautiful girl. The girl's father doesn't like this at all, but their love gets support from the girl's grandfather. Finally they somehow manage to get married and live happily ever after... Kamal acts as the blind man, Madhavi as his girl friend, Chandrahassan as the girl's father and L. V. Prasad as the grandfather.

The scene which still stands fresh in my mind is the one in which the director tries to picturise the thought process of Madhavi.

Madhavi is trying to meet Kamal at 9:00am (or some such time) at a specified place. Her father is leaving to the airport at 8:40am. She cannot leave before him. The moment he leaves she leaves too. This is just a normal scene... But the way S.S.Rao has looked at it is very unique.

When anyone needs something to be done urgently, it seems like the rest of other world is moving really slowly. Rao has used this concept to good effect. The result is just too good.

Madhavi is moving at super speed and the rest of the people (her dad, mom and grand father) in this scene are moving in super slow motion. Lots of delays occur and her dad finally leaves to the airport. L. V. Prasad and Madhavi are in the balcony, as he leaves. The moment the taxi turns around the road corner Madhavi disappears from the frame.

Truly one of the best scenes I have ever seen. You have to watch the movie to appreciate this scene.

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