Readers' choices (compiled by Aruna Krishnan)

There were a number of responses to my article on song picturization. Almost all the readers liked the songs I had selected for discussion. Many of them had written about their favourite ones. Their selections and comments were very good and interesting. So I present them to TTV readers. Mostly I have quoted them verbatim. In a few places I have written a few words for continuity and sometimes I have added onto their comments. Read on and enjoy.

Kalyana maalai kondadum penne (Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal)
This song to my knowledge is the best in picturization. The song has the highest level of sarcasm. The song is everything about a good marriage and the picturization is what the reality of the situation is.

Kamalhassan and Janakaraj in NayaganNee oru kadal sangeetham (Nayagan)
This is a neat way of showing what is not important for the movie but is important for the continuity of the story. I actually feel some movies should do this instead of dragging the story.



Ramesh Ramamurthy

Andhi mazhai pozhigirathu (Raja paarvai)
This song stays in our memory not only for the excellent music by Ilayaraja but also for the unique picturization by Kamalhasan, the director and depicts the love between a blind man (Kamal) and a girl whose beauty he perceives (Madhavi) but cannot see.

Kamalhassan and Sridevi in Moondram piraiKannae kalaimaanae (Moonram pirai)
This song stands out because of Balu Mahendra's picturization where he had used some incredible night-time shots of the Ooty valley as a back drop for this song. (The lyrics and the melody combined with the picturization lend almost a haunting quality to this song - Aruna)

J. Anandkumar

Amaidhiyana nadiyinilae odum (Aandavan kattalai)
A Shivaji Ganesan and Devika starrer. This song is the turning point of the movie. Devika and Shivaji are in love After crossing lot of hurdles they meet and find themselves in a boat in a river when this song is presented. Each and every word in this song is so meaningful. The way Shivaji alludes to the forthcoming danger by saying that the flooding of the river will cause the boat to capsize is real neat.

Sollathan Ninaikiren (Sollathaan ninaikkiraen)
A KB film based on the novel by Manian,with Sivakumar, Shubha,Srividya andJaichithra. Sivakumar happens to be a bachelor staying in the house of an elderly man with three daughters. The first two spinsters pine for him whereas he is in love with the bubbling and naughty third sister,Jayachithra. One can easily understand the story of the movie by just watching this song. This 4 minute song brings out the feelings and dreams of all the characters. This is an all time melody

Vasanthakala Nadikalilae (Moonru mudichu)
A KB film in which Rajni gets a breakthrough. The famous trio Kamal, Rajni and Sridevi are in a boat. Kamal and Sridevi are in love while Rajni has a burning desire for Sridevi. The format of the lyrics is in 'andadhi' style. The ending word of one verse is the same as the beginning of the next verse. Kamal and Sridevi sing one verse after another while Rajni is quietly contemplating how to get rid of Kamal. He manages to do so by pushing Kamal into the river. While a horrified Sridevi screams and begs Rajni to rescue Kamal, Rajni coolly ignores her and starts singing from where Kamal had left the song which also means that he wants to start his life with Sridevi from where Kamal had left. The director has expressed the villaineous desire of Rajni through this song picturization. ( Another thing that stays in my mind about this song is the camera angle of Rajni's face as he sings his verses "Manavinaigal yaarudano". It is as though one is looking at the boat from the water at the spot where Kamal has drowned. All one can see is the dark, featureless face of Rajni as he rows the boat away from where the drowning has occured. The lyrics, the tone in which they are rendered as well as the camera angle give a totally sinister feeling to the entire happening, which is what the directed probably wanted to bring out. Absolute team effort! - Aruna)

En kanmani, en kadali, enai parthathum (Chittukkuruvi)
A Sivakumar starrer. This song is picturised in a very novel and thoughtful manner. Sivakumar and his lady love travel in the same bus. Most of the songs in any movie are dream songs where the hero and heroine think about each other with lots of dancing and singing. Same way Sivakumar and his lady love dream and sing in the bus but the little-bitty stuff like "Amma karuvattu koodai, munnadi po" and "Teynampettai supermarket, erangu" brings them back to realty. One can hear Illayaraja's music at its peak. This was one of the super hits of the time. Both SPB and Janaki had done extemely well.

Geetha Shankar

Chinna chinna aasai (Roja)
This song is the introduction to our heroine. It is an excellent depiction of her true nature. So young and carefree, Roja (Madhubala) is seen flittering across fields, causing mischief, and living her life for the moment. It is a poignant song that it sets us up to respect this character,who was not mature enough, nor does she seem responsible enough, to facewhat lies ahead. She is an unlikely person who could rise to the challenges of facing terrorists and politicians to plead  for her husband's life. (Yet she manages to do exactly this! - Aruna)

Vasuki Thillainadarajah

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