Medley from Kamal Starrers

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(still taken from the KamalHaasan Fan Page)

Here's a random pick of 10 songs from Kamal Haasan movies. Its not a reflection of his best songs or anything. Far from it, its a randomly selected list (from the classic Sri Ranga Naatha to the thapangoothu Singari Sarakku). This is just a sample of the songs, except for Sri Ranga, which is in its entirety. All  songs should take about 15-25 seconds to download on a 28.8 Modem except Sri Ranga Naatha,  which will probably take 60-90 seconds. This is still an experimental section. Please email us and let us know your feed back on the Real Audio Quality and also input on what you would like to see on this page! Again, Your feedback is very important! It determines what goes on this page! So do write to us...

Requirements : Real Audio Player 2.0 or above. You can get it from Progressive Networks.Use Real Audio Player 3.0 if available. All the songs have been recorded for Real Audio 2.0 28.8 w/Bit rate of 15.2 kbps.

Recommendation: Keep the Volume on the Real Audio Player at the Max. In your PC's volume Settings, Turn up the volume for Wave Balance and Volume Control. This is NOT Streaming Audio. Therefore the files have to been downloaded to your local disk! So, please bear with us on that! We'll keep up with the times, soon :-)

Song Movie Singers Composer
Sri Ranga Naatha Mahaanathi S.P.B Illayaraja
Nila Adhu Nayagan Illayaraja Illayaraja
Valaiyal Osai Sathya S.P.B., Latha Illayaraja
Seethayamma Paasa Valai S.P.B., Shailaja Maragathamani
Megam Kottatum Enakul Oruvan S.P.B. Illayaraja
Kala Kallamaga Punnagai Mannan S.P.B. Illayaraja
Vikram Vikram Kamal, Chorus Illayaraja
Ninaivo Oru Sigappu Rojakkal Kamal, Janaki Illayaraja
Singari Sarakku Kakki Chattai S.P.B. Illayaraja
Illan Kizhiye Shanker Lal S.P.B. Janaki Gangai Amaran

- Balaji Thirumalai -