Music: Vidhyasagar

3 Stars

VidhyasagarVidhyasagar, one of the most under-rated music directors, has tuned in another one of his melodious albums in Arasiyal. Once a santoor player and an assistant of S. P. Balasubrahmanyam for a long time, Vidhyasagar has been in the tamizh movie music business for sometime now. He is one of those unlucky musicians who tune extremely melodious songs, without much luck. Hopefully, Politics (Arasiyal) will bring him the needed recognition ;).

Arasiyal started off with one of those usual fast numbers, Hello Nandhalaala, which is not too bad to listen to. As this songShubha Mudgal slowly started to fade in the background, I thought that Sagar has missed yet another opportunity to reach the top... Well, I was wrong.... Boooooom!!!! came one of the masterpiece songs Vaaraai en thozhiyae, easily one of the best  in recent times. The most captivating portion of this song, is that highly trained hindustani voice of Shubha Mudgal's. Really, she demonstrates how proper musical training helps you to control your ability to express any given tune to perfection!!! S. P. B. Charan, Harini and Swarnalatha join to finish the song. Even though Charan and Harini are the main singers and have sung their part well, they pale in comparison to Shobha's singing. Clearly, in this song, I did see a lot of Raja's shades...

To my surprise the next song too turned out to be Vaarai en thozhiyae.... Well, NOT!!! I just realised that I had involuntarily pressed the rewind button on my deck...

Vaa Sakhi, Vaasaghi another beautiful melody follows to add to the the nice mood built up by the previous song. After starting of in ragam Abhogi this song tends to mix and match with Bhageshree. Also, this song brings out the best in the new singer Harish. With a voice that sounds closer to that of Unnikrishnan and a very good control over his vocal chords, he seems to be another good find by Vidhyasagar. Veteran light music singer Uma Ramanan shows her singing prowess and experience while singing this duet with Harish. This song has some good lyrical content too...

"Vaa sakhi, vaasaghi
valluvan vaasukhi
enakku theriyaamal ennai paditha en vaasaghi vaasukhi
nam kaadhal vilakaetra unnai varam ketkum yaasagan naan sakhi..."

Aajorae Aajorae, another version of Vaaraai en thozhiyae follows... This version is sung by Sujatha and Swarnalatha alongwith Shubha Mudgal and is equally good to the first version. The next song in another one of those fast paced dance songs, Sindubadh. It is not very impressive, except for the drum portion towards the end. The final song, Arasiyal Arasiyal, is obviously the title song of the movie and is sung by Anitha and Pushpavanam Kuppusamy. This is a pretty nice song resembling the N. S. Krishnan songs of the olden era... Very meaningful lyrics and very nicely sung.

Overall this album seems to be a good buy and is really worth the money I paid for it. Some of Vidhyasagar's earlier albums like Subash that had great songs like, mugam enna mogam enna, have gone unnoticed and I just hope that this one doesn't get the same kind of treatment.