Music: A. R. Rahman
Lyrics: Vaali & Vairamuthu
No Of Tracks: 9 (incl. theme music)

Reviewed by: Navin & Krishna

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Krishna                    Navin

Thumbs Up rating.Thumbs Up by Navin: As always, when I get to know that there is a new Rahman album out, I'll be the first one to get the CD ( well, at least the first one among my friends!)Now, I think that Ratchakan is a killer album. All the tracks here a totally cool - it has all it takes to be one of the best albums released this year; cool rythms & feet stumping beat.The album starts nicely with the hot Sonya Sonya track, followed by Bombay, Madras Delhi ( Love Attack ) which further strenghtens this album. My other favourites include Chandranai Thottathu Yaar, Lucky Lucky and Mercury Pookal. The rest of the album consists of sentimental tracks which are also nice and soothing.On the whole, I would say that Ratchakan is a must have album- COOL. My Ratchakan CD comes with Colour kanavuggal ( music by Adityan ). This sountrack album is just average. It consists of 5 tracks and I only liked 2 of it - Tax Free and Muthangal Vazhanga. The rest are crap.


Flat Thumb rating.Flat Thumb by Krishna: I waited for almost three days before I started to write this review... Since, by prior experience I tend to start liking Rahman's music only after I listen to it, a bunch of times. Yes, it did happen even this time, but not in the same way as some of Rahman's earlier albums. There are a couple of songs that I just don't like in this album so far, no matter how many times I listen to it. Pogum vazhi sung by Chitra is slightly on the pathetic side... This song in particular sounds like the one tuned by some amateur composer... Nenje nenje sung by my favourite singer K. J. Yesudoss sounds very ordinary, even though it is sung by Yesudoss. This song can be easily classified in the category of "Engeyo Ketta paadal"... ;) Listen to the song and you will understand what I'm saying...

The best songs of this album, are Kanavaa illai kaatraa sung by Srini and Chandiranai thottadhu yaar sung by Hariharan and Sujatha. Srini has just excelled in the first one which sounds similar to Malargalae Malargalae from Love Birds... Seems to me that Rahman has used Saraswathi and Saaranga raagam combination again in this song... Chandiranai thottadhu brings back the melodious Rahman after a long time, in my opinion. Even though the bass level in this song is too high and jarring, Hariharan and Sujatha's singing quality carries the song through... One of the interludes, sounds...... Hmmm... Ahem... similar to Thaazham poovae, Illayaraja's classic from Kai Kodukkum Kai.

The next four songs are typical of A. R. Rahman's music... Thumping bass, drums and catchy rhythms.... Sonya Sonya, Bombay Madras Delhi, Lucky Lucky and Mercury pookkal are all tuned for the masses who just wants to have some fun time... Mercury pookkal sung by Anupama and Swarnalatha, for the most part is a direct lift from Queen's one of the most famous songs, We will We will Rock You... Bombay Madras Delhi is pretty nice to listen to when you are in the dancing mood... Two new singers Gopal Sharma and Kavitha Paudwal has sung this song... Even though Gopal Sharma has sung a lot of songs under other music directors (his famous song being Acchu vellamae from Sakthi) this is the first time he has sung for Rahman. Lucky Lucky marks the entry of another one of talented singers, Sukhvinder singh... This song, even though is a pretty much normal tune, has been sung in such a fashion that it is sure to be a hit. S. P. B. adds his professional touch along with Sukhvinder to see this song through. Sonya Sonya without doubt will be the most sought after song in all the light music concerts in Tamil nadu this season... Unni Krishnan has sung this song remarkably well... Some not so knowledgeable individuals used to make fun of carnatic music by singing fast paced movie songs in the so called carnatic style. Unni Krishnan has literally showed these kind of people their rightful place in this song. Udith Narayan and Harini accompany Unni. Theme music is again one of those "engeyo Ketta" types... ;)

Overall this album is OK in my opinion... The only problem I have in this album is the unusually bad recording quality (for Rahman's recording standards). The bass levels are extremely high making it difficult to enjoy the songs... The mixing too seems to suffer in many songs, particularly in Chandiranai Thottadhu yaar. Hmmm... Was this because of the movie strike too? ;)



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