Music:     Ilaiyaraja
Direction:     Anumohan
Lyrics:     Gangai Amaran, Kamakodian, Arivumathi
Released:     April '98

This album has six tracks
Reviewed by Shrikanth Govindarajan

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IR has done it again. In this movie, he has taken Nattupura Padal to a new heights. This album should be in the shelf of every music lover who is craving for original scores. Though this movie, with Ramarajan would do better if it was named, Enga ooru Annan.  Gangai Amaran and folks have done their part in the lyrics department.  IR without SPB (which seems to the case in most of IR's albums) has proved once again that he is the one of best in music industry today.  Of course a legend.

This album kicks off with a number, Ottha Rupavikku, sung by Swarnalatha and folks. This is among those which you won't bother to hear twice.   Next one, Kutti Nalla Kutti, by Arunmozhi and group is good. Situation is more like Chutti chutti Vaala.  Initial piece of guitar is great.  Foot tapping beat and trade mark IR chorus.  Arunmozhi has sung well.  Song Three, Kanmanikku Vazhtthu sung by Bhavadharini. Synthesizer used by IR is just great.  Bhavadharini has done a good job.

Ramarajan in "Annan"Song Four, Aalamarthu Kuyile is the best in Album. This is one of those songs, in which you stop whatever you were doing and closely listen to it.  It seems that IR has tamed the Synthesizer. Tune and beats in the song particularly in charanam is phenomenal.  Subtle bass goes in the background for the most part of the music.  IR and Sujatha have sung the song very well.  Vintage Raja stuff.  Lyrics by Arivumathi are great.

Next number is Kanmanikku Vazhtthu, the sad version, this one sung by Illaiyaaja.  He has conveyed the emotion beautifully particularly between the paragraphs.  Lyrics by Kamakodian are good.  Last One, Vazhasu Pullai, is another great song sung by IR and Sujatha. He again has used Bagpipe (which he uses once in a while) which is very good.  He has beautifully improvised the bass guitar in the charanam.  Again beats are great. Transition between the fast (pallavi) and slow (charanam) music and back is just awesome.  Again lyrics by Arivumathi are great.

IR's graceful music is just spellbinding.  His music is still fresh and lively.  It is a must buy album even for those who are not his visiris.   For his fans nothing special needs to be said, as surely they would have all bought it by now!

Shrikanth Govindarajan

Original Photograph (Annan): Cinema Express
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya