Desiya geetham

Music:     Ilayaraja
Direction:     Cheran
Lyrics:     Vasan, Palanibarathi, Arivumathi
Released:     Oct '98

This album has 8 tracks
Reviewed by NagasubramaniaN

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Before reviewing the Desiya Geetham album, I would like to make a one line comment on this album.  Only IR can do such albums & this one is simply the best in Raja's latest works.

I read in some magazine that this film is very serious & as the distributors were not ready to take a risk in buying it, Cheran was forced to add one commercial song with Ramba & Co.  We can locate this song easily in this album - Ladies special.  In my opinion, this is the song that spoils the whole album & thank god this comes last for those who plan to buy it.  My sincere advice is to be ready for this song.  It features Sujatha & Erica with lyrics by Palanibarathy and tons & tons of english words; I can't find anything special in this song.  Please listen to all the other excellent songs & be happy.  Hariharan's En kanavinai and K.J.Yesudas' Desiya Geetham are the main competitors for the best song of this album & with his experience & the lyrics by Arivumathi, KJY wins the race.  The song is excellent.  I can imagine a large crowd with torches & ArivaLs in their hands moving towards a target.  The lyrics are very good with powerful lines like Gandhiyin kaiththadi aayudha sandhaiyil poottathu yaar? and the wonderful chorus used by IR is the pluspoint of the song. It goes like this Jai jai bharatha matha vandhe matharam.  KJY sir, varushaththukku oru song intha mathiri paadunga pothum.  We'll be grateful!

Desiya Geetham Emblem! - MuraliEn kanavinai by Hariharan is another excellent song in this album.  This time Hari does no mistakes, gives valid pauses between words & in my opinion this song is one of his best ones in tamil.   Vasan gives a lot of 'vendum's like Paatti paal vitra kanakkai computer pathiya vendum & typically represents every Indian's desires in chorus is fine.  IR's excellent tune & great violin work are very successful in bringing the required feelings to our hearts.  Naan vaakkappattu by Sujatha is a soft melody by IR with Palanibarathi's lyrics.  Sujatha's resembles a typical gramathu girl's voice & the tune slightly reminds us of Oorariya peredutha (Saadhu - Music by Ilaiyaraja ) song but IR has used great tabla work which reminds me of his songs in '80s.  I hope IR gives some more songs like this.

Mannana poranthavuga & Appan veettu are the 2 Short songs sung by Pushpavanam Kuppusamy.  I don't think his voice will suit Murali but both the songs are good particularly the chorus in Mannana poranthavuga. But I think the problem with the new singer is that his voice seems to be highly stable if this continues he'll not get a variety of songs from TFM & will fall suddenly like Suresh Peters (Remember him? Where is he now?)  BTW,  I am eagerly waiting for the IR album, Kaadhal Kavithai, where Pushpavanam Kuppusamy sings a duet (?? Yes ??) with IR's introduction to TFM, Sowmya.  Nanba Nanba & Annal gandhi are the songs sung by IR.  Lyrics by Vasan.  Both songs are very nice & IR's voice fits naturally to these songs.   Nambinaal nambungal - intha songs ketkum podhu, I really felt bad about our political system & our politicians who are one of the main reasons for India's current status.

Cheran should feel proud for selecting IR for this film & after listening to this album I think I should see this movie.  I repeat - only IR can give such albums and therefore, don't miss it.


Original Photograph (Desiya geetham): Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya