Kaadhal Kavidhai

Music:     Illaiyaraja
Direction:     Agathiyan
Lyrics:     Agathiyan & Illaiyaraja

This album has 7 tracks
Reviewed by Sudhakar Govindarajan and SivaRaj

Thumbs Up rating Sudhakar Govindarajan's Thumbs Up Rating

This is one of the hot selling cassettes in Chennai right now. The expectations are quite high since Agathiyan & IR come together for the first time. IR has come out in flying colors yet again.

Prasanth and Isha Gopikar in "Kaadhal Kavidhai"The album starts with the song, Thath Thom (Ila Arun & SwarnaLatha). The song has a catchy beat. A lot of keyboard has been used. Swarnalatha & Ila Arun have done their job well, but to me this song is nothing extraordinary by IR standards. The next song is Kaadhal Meedhu (Hariharan). I liked the song the very first time I listened to it. The flow was smooth, with good orchestration. Of late, I find IR using more keyboard than his favorite violin. Hariharan's voice and diction are pleasant. The 3rd song, AaLana naaL mudhala (Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy & Sowmya) is a typical IR folk song. Sowmya (whose voice appears to be a heavier version of Swarnalatha) makes her debut in this song and has done well. Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy is well suited for this folk song.

The next song is Kannukkulla kannamma (IR & Sujatha) starts with a lot of promise but seemed to loose its way somewhere. This song reminded me of an old IR song, but am unable to recollect that one. The song has good soft music, IR's voice and a good chorus, but in the final analysis, it doesn't appeal to me. Alai Meethu by Bhavatharini is the song written by IR. Thannudaya paattu enbadhalo ennavo nirayya violin use paNNiyirukkirar. The song is short ( just about 3 minutes) with just 1 paragraph. The song is very melodious. The next song, Manasa thotta kaadhal is another good solo by Hariharan. It is a different song by IR.

Looks like IR had reserved the best for the last. The last song, Diana Diana (Hariharan and chorus) is the best in the album. Especially, don't miss hearing the starting piece. The chorus is haunting and Hariharan has done a great job.

Overall, the album is worth buying. If you are an IR fan, it is a MUST buy. English kallakadha tamizh paatukkaL ketka suvayaga irundhadhu. Surprising to see IR come up with different tunes and different music even after 700 odd films.

Sudhakar Govindarajan

Thumbs Up rating SivaRaj's Thumbs Up Rating

The movie has seven great songs.  This is another great film album by Dr. Illaiyaraja.  The first time you listen to the song you may not like it, but after a few listens, you are sure to be hooked.  It has been proven that Illaiyaraja is the BEST not only in India, but all over the world.  His music is still FRESH.   It is still surprising that he can make FRESH music at this age.  Long live Illaiyaraja! May the world listen to your music. It is yet another proud moment for Indians!

The first song in the CD is Kaadhal Meedhu sung by Hariharan. The music has been arranged nicely in the song. Rating for the 1st song is 8/10. The 2nd song, Thath Thom, by Ila Arun & Swarnalatha, is not so good but worth a listen. The music has saved the song. Rating is 7/10 for this song. The 3rd song AaLana naaL mudhala sung by Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy & Sowmya. The song is villagish. I rate it a 7/10.

The 4th song sung by Illaiyaraja & Sujatha, Kannukkule Kannamma is the one I liked the most. Because Illaiyaraja sings very romantically in some parts of the song. The music is nice. Can hear the music constantly changing. Illaiyaraja has arranged the music well. Rating is 8.5/10. 5th is Manasa thotta kaadhal sung by Hariharan. The lyrics and music are good. Rating is 9/10.

6th song Diana Diana is the best song in the movie. The song is about Diana.  The Music is nice. Lyrics are nice. Hariharan's voice is nice. Everbody must hear this song. Rating 10/10 for this song. The last song is Alai Meethu sung by Bavatharani. The music is a mixture of western and karnatic. Her voice is better than from before.  Rating for the song is 7/10.  Illaiyaraja must begin introducing new singers.

Everyone must buy the CD and watch the movie, because!!!! Illaiyaraja is back in action!.  A.R.Rahman must get ready to pack his bags.  He will not last long!


Original Photograph (Kaadhal Kavidhai): Advertisement, Cinema Express.
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya