Manam Virumbudhe Unnai

Music:     Illaiyaraja
Direction:     Sivachandran
Lyrics:     Vaali, Arivumathi, Palanibharathi, Ponnadiyan
Released:     September 1998

This album has 7 tracks.
Reviewed by Anitha Rajan and NagasubramaniaN

Thumbs Up rating Anitha Rajan's Thumbs Up Rating:  After the disappointment from the album, Ponnu Veettukkaaran,  I thought that IR gave an alwa to P.VASU :)  There were no good/remarkable songs as like Poonthottam/Dharma, so I didn't listen to the Manam Virumbudhe Unnai album for one week.  After that, with my busy schedule, I listened the MVU album in my office.  Oh! Boy! it is out of this world!   I coudn't work for an hour!  This album is wonderful!

This album has 7 Tracks. 1. Illavenilkala panjami - Hariharan, Bhavatharini  2. Kottukkuyilai - IR, Hariharan, Bhavatharini 3. Thangakili kaiyil - SPB  4. Manasa killi - Arunmoli, Srinivas, S.N.Surender, Swarnalatha  5. Vaanaththil aadum - Chitra (bit) 6. Vaanaththil aadum - Mano (bit) 7. Yetho Yetho Nenjil - Hariharan, Sujatha.  Lyrics: 1 - Arivumathi.  2,3,4 - Palanibharathi.  5,6 - Ponnadiyan.  7 - Vaali.  Best of the album - Vaanathil aadum.

Especially, the song, Vaanathil aadum oar nilavu.. yen kaiyile Yirunilavu - the Chitra and Mano Versions are enchanting.  I am sure that this is going to be hit in all patti thoatti areas like Thooliyile aadaPrabhu and Meena in "Manam Virumbudhe Unnai" vantha vaanaththu minvilakke....  We have totally been missing SPB for such a long time.   After Dharma, SPB got only one song from IR in this MVU album. SPB, Tune, Rhythm, Chorus, SPB konattal and IR's special tabla in the charanam are pretty.  The chorus song, Manasa killi, by Arunmozhi, S.N.Surender, Srinivas and Swarnalatha is also very good.  IR has done some gimmicks in this song.  This song has two different tunes.  One tune is for AM, SNS, Srinivas and chorus and another tune is for Swarnalatha and chorus and the two tunes are mixed at the EOS.  Each tune has separate lyrics.  This is great.

IR is experimenting with Hariharan.  Hariharan is trying to sing in different modulations as like SPB.  In this album, he is singing for 3 different situations in 3 different modulations.  Illavenirkala panjami is charming among the three.  IR's musical composition for each and every song is unimaginable.   In the Yetho Yetho nenjil song's starting chorus, first interlude and second interlude -il, IR nammai yengeyo koandu pOi vidugiraar.  Ellaa paadalgalayum SPB paadiyirunthaa?  Aha! nenachu paargave inbamayirukku!  Appadi oru kaalam inime namakku kidaikkuma?  Raja Sir, SPB-kku yeppo niraya paadalgal koadukka poagireergal?

Don't miss this album.  IR's creativity keeps on growing!

Anitha Rajan

Thumbs Up rating NagasubramaniaN's Thumbs Up Rating

Ilaiyaraja has done it again.  To introduce this album to you, let me make a single statement - this album is a worth-buy by Ilaiyaraja after Kaathalukku Mariyathai.  Today, tamil film music is going on a different track.  Movies are mostly love based & the music director's job becomes comparatively easy, - 3 duets, oru dappa song, oru dance number & that's it !   But this album is not like that. IR has once again proved that he is the only MD who can give excellent songs for different situations.

First song is Ilavenirkaala panjami.   Audio wrapper says that this is sung by Hariharan & Bhavatharini.  But bhava sings only the chorus.  This song is another addition to IR-HH solo collection & is an excellent melody with rhythmic music.  Arivumathi has written nothing new.  But the problem is Hariharan gives unnecessary stresses in unwanted places.   Ilaiyaraja en ithai kavanippathillai?  Second song, Koottukkuyile.   Hariharan has done his work well & Bhavatharini steals our hearts with her excellent voice - of course in chorus.  IR has given an excellent chorus in this song & also the jathi sung by Bhava (4 times in the song) is very nice.  We can hear IR's voice only in this song that too in chorus.  I'll rate it 7/10.

SPB shows his experience in Poomalai - 3rd song.  When I listened to his voice, it just reminded me of Prabhu.  Hats off SPB sir.  This is a birthday song.  Palanibarathi plays with tamil words nicely & is able to produce good lyrics for this song: unakku munnal santhiran irunthaa, ooru sollum santhiran karuppu).  Ilaiyaraja mixes tabla in the saranam of the song which is great.  I was reminded of 2 songs similar with this tabla in saranam - Ippothenna Thevai from Makkal Aatchi (Music: Vidyasagar) & the well known Maaya Machindra from Indian (Music: A.R.Rahman).  Manasa Killi is the best song in this album IMO.  IR has done excellent work & this song is gonna be a great addition to TFM history.  As mentioned in previous review, this song has 2 tracks- one for male voices, Nepolion, SNS & Sreenivas (Nepolion sounds like Arunmozhi) & the other with Swarnalatha.  Swarnalatha is at her best.  When singing lyrics like pachchai kuyil paadalkalil ethethoo raagam, she reminds me of Uma Ramanan.  The tune is excellent & this song is another 'saatchi' to IR's skills in selecting singers. Swarna is great & I'll rate this song as a 9.5/10

Vaanathil aadum has 2 versions sung by Chitra & Mano.  Short but sweet songs.  This song is similar to Chinna Kanmanikkulle from Paattu Paadavaa (Music: Ilaiyaraja) - a thalaattu song & probably ranks as the second best song.  In this album, Vaali joins Ilaiyaraja after a long gap in the last song - Eetho Etho Nenjil.   Hariharan sings as usual.  IR's tune is great & Sujatha is the best choice for this song.  However humming in the beginning of the song reminds me Rosappoo from Suryavamsam (Music: S.A.Rajkumar).  Anyway an excellent duet to end the album.

IMO, only Ilayaraja can give albums like this & I feel extremely proud to be an Ilaiyaraja fan after listening to this album.


Original Photograph (Manam Virumbudhe Unnai): Cinema Express
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya