Nilavae Vaa

Music:     Vidyasagar
Direction:     Venkatesan
Lyrics:     Vairamuthu

This album has 6 tracks
Reviewed by Saravanan and Sandya

Thumbs Up rating Saravanan's Thumbs Up Rating

This was an excellent musical album. Overall, I would give this a 9/10.    Akkuthae akkuthae was sung by Gopal Rao, S. N. Surendhar and Vidhyasagar.  Lyrics are very hilarious. This song gets a 6/10.  Onnum onnum is sung by Arunmozhi and Swarnalatha.  The song's tune keeps you entertained. 3/10.  Nilavae, nilavae is a decent piece sung by Anuradha Sriram and Vijay. This song is really good, 8/10.

Nee kaatru sung by Hariharan and Chitra. This is the best in the album and I would give it 9/10. The lyrics are very romantic.   Chandira mandalathai sung by Vijay, SPB Charan, and Harini.  I liked this song, but the beat gets a little boring. 5/10.  Kadalamma, kadalamma sung by Jayachandhran, Sujatha and Vidhyasagar.  I liked this song a lot.  The words have a lot of meaning.

Generally, I would recommend you to buy this CD.


Thumbs Up rating Sandya's Thumbs Up Rating

It is not just once or twice that I have prayed that Vidyasagar will get his big break in Tamil Cinema music some day.  Apparently, that lucky day came in 1998.  Despite the fact that a few tunes in Nilaavae Vaa do remind you of songs from Vidyasagar's previous albums, this soundtrack might have turned Vidyasagar's career and life around.  After all, it was only after the distinct success of Nilaavae Vaa, that Vidyasagar has been able to build his own music studio after so many years.

Nilaavae VaaNilaavae Vaa is in many ways, a non-traditional Vijay film album.  After all, most Vijay films have the 3 standard dappanguthu paattus, one melody, 2 jana ranjakka pattus and so on.. But Vidyasagar elevates the expectations by settling for only one jana ranjakka and one dappaguththu song.  Akkudhae, akkudhae, regardless of its absurd lyrics, is actually great fun to listen to.  After all, couldn't you appreciate lyrics like: England-il ponnu irundhaa, internet-il news anuppi, Eechangatukku vara-vazhippom.. naanga Bad Boys dhaan!.   That is, assuming that you know a little background on soon-to-be-Mrs.Vijay.   Gopal Rao, S.N. Surendar and Vidyasagar have a riot singing Akkudhae.   There is something different about Gopal Rao, (a part of the music directors' group, Agosh) especially after I listened to his voice and singing style in Harichandran varraan in Harichandra.   On the other hand, Onnum onnum rendu dhaan by Arunmozhi and Swarnalatha is only passable.  It resembles Aaru Gajam Selai Uduththi from Nethaji (music by Vidyasagar) in more than way and is a rather disappointing re-hash. 

Nevertheless, Vidyasagar scores major points on two melodious songs.   Nee kaatru naan maram is sung as a solo, passionately by Hariharan and again as a duet with Chitra.  There is a tinge of familiarity in the background music of this song and Unnai paarthadhum mood maarudhu from Mr. Madras (yet another Vidyasagar album).  But none of this really matters, considering Nee kaatru makes you feel warm and romantic from beginning to end.  There is indeed that soothing effect that Hariharan's voice, Vairamuthu's apt lyrics and Vidyasagar's Ilaiyaraja-Rahman blend music can have upon any listener, within a matter of minutes.  I wouldn't be surprised if both Hariharan and Vairamuthu win national awards this year, for their respective roles in making this song a runaway hit in Chennai and abroad. 

Eeshwaran Hariharan had mentioned in his review of Kannedhiray ThondrinaaL that Harini has yet to deliver a bad song so far and I totally concur with that view.  Once again, Harini proves invincible in her singing style and choice of songs with an incredible performance in Chandira Mandalaththai suththam seidhu with great support from S.P.B. Charan and Vijay.  The usage of the distortion guitar at the beginning and as the background music for the song reminds you of Musthafa Musthafa from Kaadhal Desam.  But the voices and the nice approach to the music makes this song enjoyable and memorable.

Among the so-so songs of this album is definitely, Kadalamma kadalamma by Jayachandran, Sujatha and Vidyasagar.  For some reason, listening to Kadalamma led me back to Thenkizhakku Seemaiyile from Kizhakku Cheemaiyile.  Yet, Kadalamma was not fulfilling to listen to as the A.R.Rahman number.  Kadalamma climbed the charts and was received very well in Chennai, but lacked the usual Vidyasagar punch desperately needed for these kind of soga songs.  The repetitious background score and keech voice of Anuradha Sriram add to the miseries of Nilavae nilavae.  Paavam Vijay!  He sings as his best actually, but gets nothing in return as Vidyasagar and Anu Sriram kaalai vaari vittu-fy him.  Not to take away too much from the Nilaavae Vaa album, both Kadalamma and Nilavae nilavae are listenable and might not necessarily lead you to hit the fast forward button.

A great effort by the 3 Vs: Vidyasagar, Vijay and Vairamuthu.   Worth your time and money if you look around for a Kannedhiray ThondrinaaL and Nilaavae Vaa CD or some such combination.  Though I don't know if you will ever find it.  I know, I haven't yet :-) :-)  


Original Photograph (Nilavae Vaa): Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya