Music:     Ilayaraja
Direction:     Saravana Pandiyan
Lyrics:     Vasan, Nandhalala, Thenmozhiyan, Arivumathi
Released:     Oct '98

This album has 6 tracks
Reviewed by NagasubramaniaN

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Great news for all IR fans!  I am sure that you all will remember IR's golden period in TFM & are longing to have songs of that standard from him.   Here comes an album for you - Thalaimurai.  This album contains no complex instruments or orchestration.  Pure IR brand music - excellent tunes, proper use of chorus, wonderful works in violin & flute & the result is a great album by IR.  Don't even think of missing this album.

Kanaka and Adhiyaman in "Thalaimurai"This album has 6 songs - 4 of them dealing about Vaarisu.  I think the film is based on this theme.  The first song, Enna Petha Raasa has 2 versions: One sung by IR & other one by Sunantha.  Lyrics by Arivumathi.  IR version is a Thaalaattu paattu.  The tune is very nice & brings tears to my eyes as I was longing for these type of songs from IR & finally I got it!  This one features  excellent flute work & simply becomes No.1 in this album.   Sunantha version of this song is a 'soga paattu.'  This is also a nice song.   Personally, I am very happy to hear Sunantha's voice after a long gap.  The song by Arunmozhi & Swarnalatha starts with a dialogue Enna paattu paadare nee? Ithu enna yugam theriyumaa? beat yugam & the song is a typical example of beat oriented songs.  Arunmozhi sings very little while Swarna does a good job.  The tune mixes with beat nicely & IR uses some miruthangam & nadhaswaram with western instruments.  However the tune has some similarities with the music of Rangeela re from A. R. Rahman's Rangeela.

Thathi Thathi is a great melody song.  A typical IR one sung nicely by Sujatha, but reminds one of Chitra some times.  Vasan's lyrics are very good (thottil onru aadum veedu poonthoottame) & the music score before the first saranam features a virtual competition between violin & flute which is pleasant to hear.

Velli Mani Thottil written by Nandhalala starts with Arunmozhi's enthusiastic 'Thogaiyara.'  Then it mixes with IR's favorite tabla.   Arunmozhi does a good work in this song.  IR & Sujatha are the other 2 singers.  Chorus appadiye thaalaattukirathu.  But, I have 2 questions on this song.  One, why does this  song have so many 'ammans' in the lyrics?  Two, a female voice which comes before second saranam is very nice & I am sure it is not sujatha's.  Can some of you help me in finding the owner of that voice?  The voice is very nice & I am very eager to know the singer who is?  Enga maharani is another good number sung by IR & Srinivas.  God, this man, Srinivas sings very nice.  I think this song is for the 2 brothers who try to convince their mother who is very angry with them for some reason.  Song is again tabla based & is a best song to end this album.

Thalaimurai is worth the buy.  Buy it & be ready for a different experience!


Original Photograph (Thalaimurai): Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya