Music:     A.R.Rahman
Direction:     Mani Ratnam
Lyrics:     Vairamuthu
Released:     July '98

This album has 6 tracks
Reviewed by P.Balan & Junior uduman

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This is A.R's next venture after 'Jeans'..Mani Ratnam,Vairamutthu and AR Rahman combination should have proved lethal. But all the music lovers are in for a big surprise.It's nothing like an A.R Rehmaan's  album.

Image Comment Okay now for the tracks...

The first song.. Thaya Thaya...sung by Sukvinder Singh and Suba,is what can I say? I will only give it a 1/10!!! It's a shocker!!

The second song Nenjinile...sung by not bad.I will give it a 4/10.Janaki's voice is just superb and the back ground music and harmony is good.

The third song Sandhosha Kanneere sung by rubbish!

The fourth song Ennuyirae....sung by Sreenivaas and not bad.Specially the interlude voice Sujatha is giving..I will give it 2/10!!

The fifth song..Thaiyya Thaiyya .same as the first but sung by Hariharan is rubbish again! even Hariharan's voice didn't help!!

The last song... wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a song!This is pure AR vintage! I really wish all the songs were similar to this but it was not to be... but this particular number sung by-Unni Menon and Swarnalaatha is Superb!! Even Vairamutthu has excelled in this song the verses... Pongarilae un suvasathai thaneeyagha tedi paarthaen... kadel mael oru thoole vilthathae atahi thedi thedi partheaen Uyirin tholi kayum monaae en villi unnai kannum kannae En jeevan oyium monae oododi vaa!! Just a superb song!I will give it a 9/10!!

I don't think you should rush to the stores to buy this CD!!It's really not worth it! Just one song in the whole album is good! the have to listen to it to believe!It's that bad!



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After the mega success of Jeans ilam puyal ARR next flim is Mani Rathnam's uyire. This is a tamil version of "Dil Se" Rahman has produced his own quality work!

The album starts of with Thayya thayya... This song has some Punjabi flavour in it. It could sound that way because of Sukwindher singhs voice. Rahman has used Subha's voice very well. This song would make you hum after listening to it a couple of times. It deserves a 9.75/10. The second song is Nenjinile... sung by S. Janaki. This song is another one of ARR's classical songs When you listen to this song the first time I am sure you would love it as long as you are not biased. This song is excellent. Janaki's voice is another plus to this song. Rahman has added a malayalam chorous which further enhances this song. For me and hopefully others this song deserves full credit

Sonthasha kannerai... sung by the puyal himself and the two Anu's(Anuradha and Anupama). This is a typical Rahman song. Bashing but superb back ground music and Rahman's voice is not bad. The start might resemble a VM song but still you can't deprive the desired credit. For Sonthosha kaneerai santhoshamaka I can rate it a 9/10 Number four is En uyire... sung by Sreenivas and Sujatha. This song describes the seven stages of love. Lyrics are fascinating, one wonders were they get all these words from. I do not think anyone would like this song after listening to this song for the first time. Your reaction would be sothapitan. It then grows on you and makes you want to listen to this song only. minus to this song would be sreenivas's voice his humming are not good at all. The flamenco guitar is used in a really appreciatable manner. As usal the background music good as ever. The song is good enough for a 8/10 I rate it 8/10

The next song is a repeat of song number one Thayya. This time it is shorter and a slight change is made to the back ground score. The singers are Hariharan, who sings only a couple of line, and Sreenivas. Subha sings in this version as well. One thing obvious in this song is that our music director has used the rough squeaky violin sound of sona sona. Now the last song is a soft nice listenable song. Swarnalatha and Unni Menon have sung this song. The lyrics are good, and so is the voice.It is not upto the standards of the other song, but nevertheless excellent. It might sound like a song you could have heard ages ago, but not sure what the song is. Anyway I rate it 8/10.

When I listened to a couple of songs for the first time it sounded like one of the modern Isai gnyani's songs. This is an album made exclusively for the north, so might not be a super duper hit in the south. This is an album with a difference and our music director has done a good job for Mani Rathnam. This may not be a "Jeans" but it definitely is definitely a masterpiece.

Jr. uduman


Original Photograph (Uyirae): Audio cassette cover.
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Balaji