Direction:     K.R.

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This album has 8 tracks
Reviewed by Swaminathan Seetharaman.

Thumbs Up rating.
Swaminathan Seetharaman


Thumbs Up rating.Swaminathan Seetharaman's Thumbs Up Rating: Comments: IR has done a wonderful job.  Good recording, worth buying album, excellent rendering by S.P.B.  Highlight Song: Iru Kanngal.

Ibrahim Rauthar presents Dharma.  Starring Vijaykanth.  Music: Maestero IsaiPorul Illaiyaraja 

1. Iru Kanngal (Pathos) - S.P.B & Chorus.  Superb tune, Superb rendering - Vintage IR stuff.

2. Thinam Vidinthathum (Bit song) - S.P.B.  Watch out for the beautiful Guitar piece.  Great Stuff.

3. Iru Kanngal (Bit Song) - IR.  This song comes in 4 different Orchestrations.  Each one of it is a gem.

4. Iru Kanngal (Bit Song Pathos) - IR

Vijaykanth and Preetha Vijaykumar in Dharma5. Dharmangal - S.P.B and chorus.  Raja has used Techno in this. Quite enjoyable.  It is the format of Pottathellaam from Bharathan.  Good stuff.

6. Manakkum - S.P.B, Sujatha and Chorus.  This song has got a great rhythm.  This is of the format of Santahikku Vantha KiLi from Dharmadurai.  Guys, watch out, IR magic has started working again.

7. Chembaruthi - S.P.B, Swarnalatha.  Foot Tapping melody.   Really makes your feet move.  The only place I felt it could have been better was the piece after the first charanam.  (The tune, the rendering are great).

8. Iru Kanngal (Happy) - S.P.B and chorus.  Folks, take my word, this song is going to become a hit.  Watch out for the Venna + guitar interludes, the way Raja brings in the thali kattum mood in between the song.

Overall, I was impressed very much with the first hearing.  If u like IR's stuff even a bit, go and grab the CD.

Hats off IR & S.P.B.

Swaminathan Seetharaman

Original Photograph (Dharma): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Krishna