Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai



Direction:     Fazil


    Palani Bharathi

This album has 8 tracks
Reviewed by Swamy & Krishna

The film was released during the last week of December

Thumbs Up rating. Thumbs Up rating.
Swamy Krishna

Thumbs Up rating.Swamy's Thumbs Up rating: After a long gap Illayaraja, Fazil and Palani Bharathi have come out with an album worth listening to. Here goes the review.

Ananda kuyilin Pattu.. (Chitra, M.Vasudevan,Surendar & Arunmozhi): Family song, very melodious and enjoyable. Rating : 9.0/10. Ennai Thalatta Varuvala.. (Hariharan & Pavatharini): Hariharan teaming with Raja for the first time. Melting melody. Excellent music and lyrics. Would not take too long to top the Chartbusters. Rating : 10/10. Oru Pattamputchi.. (Yesudas & Sujatha): Good melody and catchy tune. Rating : 9.0/10. Ithu Sangeetha Thirunalo.. (Pavatharini & Chorus): Female version of Ennai Thalatta Varuvala. Different Instruments are used in this song. Rating : 10/10. Ananda Kuyilin Pattu.. (Chitra): Bit song. Pathos version of Ananda Kuyilin Pattu.. Rating : 9.0/10. Oh Baby.. (Vijay Pavatharini): OK Melody. Rating : 8/10. Ennai Thalatta Varuvala.. (Illayaraja): Raja's version of Ennai Thalatta Varuvala. S.P.B would have done a better job. Rating : 9/10. Iyya Veedu Thiranthuthan.. (Illayaraja & Arunmozhi): Thathuva padal. Good music. Rating : 8.5/10. Overall rating : 9/10. Mastero back to rythms. Must buy album for music lovers.

Fazilutan iNainthu raja panniya K A A D H A L U K K U   M A R I Y A A T H A I marupatiyum melody kathavukaLai thiranthu vittirukkirathu. --Vikatan Dec 7 1997


Thumbs Up rating.Krishna's Thumbs Up rating: Vintage Illayaraja is back in action... After listening to the past 15 or so albums from Illayaraja, I was convinced that Raja was slowly making way for his younger generation (out of which Karthik is extremely promising) to occupy the center stage... I guess there are other reasons too, for Raja's dismal performance in recent times... He is probably getting bored of hearing the same kind of song situations for more than 20 years and we are getting used to the new style of music that has come up with the advent of Rahman...

IllayarajaActually, I cannot call it a dismal performance by Raja... According to Film News Anandhan, Raja has not had a single loss in the last three years, going by the cassette sales... He is still in the top 2 when it comes to cassette sales... This shows the kind of market share he has established over the years... The only other person I can think of, who has a market share that will support him for sometime even with slightly dismal products, is probably Microsoft's Bill Gates... ;)

Well, Fazil has finally found the knack of extracting the best out of this genius, whose music seems fresh even after all these years... What a way to introduce Hariharan in his direction, ennai thaalaatta varuvaaLaa... This is the first time, Hariharan is singing for Raja and to give you an idea, this is the number one song in almost all the Top10 ratings for Tamil movie songs around the world... During his visit to Bay Area last year S. P. B. said "Tamil moviesuuku kidaitha pokkisham, Hariharan"... That in itself summarizes this extremely talented singer...

Yesudoss my idol, has sung the next melodious number Oru pattaampoochi, which seems to grow on you rather than appeal to you the first time... Hmmm... Did I say this before for some other musician!#$ ;) Anandha kuyilin pattu the opening song in this album is not a great song, but I would not classify it as a bad one either... But, if you are a big fan of Raja's dappa songs then, the song that will appeal to you the most will probably be Aiyaa voodu thirandhu... In between dappan koothu and the melody, Raja does compose a lot of these kind of dappa songs and makes them popular too... After over 15,000 odd songs, he still has this magic... This song is very similar to Kaattu kuyilu manasukkulla from Thalapathi and I am sure this song will climb the charts soon enough... Oh, Baby Baby the next song in this album, sung by Vijay and Bhavathaarini, is the worst song in this album... The rest of the songs are just variations of the first four songs...

Overall this cassette is a good buy and would not disappoint you...