Kannedhiray ThondrinaaL

Music:     Deva
Direction:     Ravichandran
Lyrics:     Vairamuthu, Deva, Ponnian Selvan

This album has 7 tracks
Reviewed by Easwaran Hariharan

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This looks like another addition to the current trend of love movies.   The recent sound track of all love movies tend to have one or two fun fast paced songs, couple of duets and if Deva is the MD, one or two Deva(ish) numbers. This album is no exception.

The album starts off with the funky number, Easwara, and Udith Narayan sings it joyfully.  I am not a big fan of the tobacco chewing voice of Udith, even in Hindi, but this song, I have to admit, he does a fabulous job. There are some songs, you will like it from the first instance you hear it, and this song can be bracketed in that category.  Vairamuthu comes up with some goofy lyrics like Easwara, vannum mannum hand shake seivadu unnal easwara, but hey, it is funny and enjoyable, what else do you need?  The next song is Chinna Chinna Kiliye is a melodious number, with soulful rendition by Hariharan, Anuradha Sriram and Shobana.   There are two versions of this song, and this version is the best.  Deva does a good job in keeping the melody, without compromising the pace of the song and keeping it to the liking of masses, and the result is, another winner.

Kannedhiray ThondrinaaLIMO, in the current crop of female singers in TFM, Harini seems to be the luckiest one.  There is hardly any bad song from her so far, and the next song, Chandaa O Chandaa by Harini, looks like another feather in her cap.  This song, Deva tries his best to remind you of more than a couple of old songs, as usual.  Song is very pleasantly tuned, so we can forgive him.  Again VM proves that he is the only one, who writes some thoughtful lyrics in TFM.  Next song, Solomiya, with Deva’s abrasive voice, is a direct lift from the ubiquitous song Sayoniya, from the group Junoon.  It is a typical Deva song, and rightfully targetted for the front benchers. You won't lose much, if you hit the forward button for this song,

Next side starts with, IMO, THE SONG of the album, Kanave Kalayaadhe.  Deva’s favorite singer of recent times, Unnikrishnan teams up with Chitra, and produces another gem like Manam Virumbathe from Nerukku Nerr.  Unnikrishnan has been successful in singing difficult songs, and making them very enjoyable and easily hummable, and this one, he does it to near perfection.  His voice is a little bit nasal, but that is why, we love him and here with the indomitable Chitra, and with the help of some very nice music from Deva, this song will certainly push you to hit the rewind button again and again.  The next song is another version of Chinna Chinna Kileye, but this time, the talented, but often neglected Krishnaraj replaces Hariharan.  He did a good job, but I feel Hariharan's version is superior.  The album ends with another Devaish number, this time his brother Sabesh, rendering his voice to Koththavaal Chaavadi Lady. Thank god for putting this song as the last one. Do not bother listening to this, it is just the filler.

Overall, this is definitely a must buy album for Deva fans, and for others, if you liked Nerukku Nerr, you won't regret buying this album either. With other recent hits like Vaali and Nerukku Nerr, it seems Deva is really on a roll, and that is good for music lovers!..

Easwaran Hariharan

Original Photograph (kannethirey thondrinal): Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya