Kanngalin Vaarthaigal



Direction:     Muktha Sundhar


    Pazhani Bharathi


    January 1998 (Audio)

This album has 6 tracks
Reviewed by Gasana & Krishna

Thumbs Up rating.Gasana's Thumbs Up Rating: Okay folks, Kanngalin Vaarthaigal is worth a place in your music shelf.  But Alli Sunderavalli deserves more than that.  This song rendered superbly by Arunmozhi and chorus is packed with energy throughout, from the moment go!  It definitely is reminiscent of Nee Paadhi Naan Paadhi from Keladi Kanmani.  But, it is different and complex.  So if you’d like to sing it out, you’d need all the ingredients.  You’d need the chorus.  You’d need the music.  But then you just can’t escape trying out this song. It captivates you.

 Now we come to the rest of the songs that fit their cinematic roles.  Our heroine is filled with first love, perhaps, and Nenjathin Geetham comes in.  And with that comes Bhavatharini‘s voice and lots of it (‘cos the song is a solo).  I wonder if it’s just me feeling that she reads through her songs.  Sorry, but she needs depth.

Then our hero joins our heroine and they decide on Indha Kadal and so do Bhavatharini and Unnikrishnan.  Enough said about Bhavatharini; Unnikrishnan doesn’t require to practice his carnatic lessons for this song.

Prema in Kanngalin VaarthaigalHelp! Hero and heroine are lost in the woods.  Then, they see this graceful, intriguing, tribal lady and follow her into her camp and voila! There’s company.  So Mano, Harini and chorus decide on Muthu Muthu so that our hero and heroine can change into their tribal costumes and jump over bamboo sticks while tribal ladies take care of the background.

Help! once again.  Separation and lonely hearts.  What do we have?  Unnikrishnan all boiled up with En Idhayam.

We finish with Sri Raamane (You can toy with the screenplay this time!).  The song is first rendered solo by Chitra and then Illayaraja chips in and we have a duet for the same song.  Frankly, I think Chitra handled the slower parts of the song much better than Illayaraja.

For the final word, Illayaraja has done some pretty good work out here.  The music is melodious and stays in the background.  Any negative aspects?  Well, listening to the audio alone makes one (or let’s say, me) more critical.  Maybe the visuals make up.

Thumbs up.


Thumbs Up rating.Krishna's Thumbs Up Rating: Two hits in a row... Hmm... Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai, seems to have brought Illayaraja back from a so-called self imposed exile... And Kanngalin vaarthaigaL adds another feather to his newly found cap... ;)

Ofcourse, without doubt Alli Sundaravalli, sung by Arunmozhi, is an attention grabber... An excellent melody with shades of... is that Raagam Sarasaangi??? Arunmozhi, Illayaraja's aasthaana flutist exudes the needed softness in this song... I wish I listened to a good recording of this song... The supposedly original audio cassette really sucked in quality... ;( Also the use of excessive reverb, kind of irritated me since notes just seem to get jumbled instead of being clear...

Sri Ramanae sung by Chitra is the next in the Top songs list for this movie... Even though Maargazhi maasam from Vietnam Colony comes to your mind when you listen to this song, Chitra's rendition and the soft rhythm make this number a captivating melody... For some reason I tend to feel that this song has not been recorded well at all... The voice comes to you from a distance and the bass does not fill up the voids in the music... Might be the visuals in this scene needs this kind of effect... Need to watch the movie...

The next four songs range from decent melodies to irritating numbers... The worst of all is the Unnikrishnan number, En Idhayam.... The usual love failure kind of song...

Muthu muthu energetically rendered by Mano and Bhavatharini and Nenjathin Geetham sung by Bhavatharini  steal the third and fourth spots as far as music honors for this film go... Indha Kaadhal joins them in being the 5th best song in this movie... The repeat version of Sri Ramanae, with the singing honors done by Illayaja and Bhavatharini, is hardly enjoyable in my opinion... The audio for Kanngalin vaarthaigal definitely deserves a Thumbs up, just based on the fact that more than 50% of the songs are highly enjoyable...