Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar


Karthik Raja

Direction:     Sundar C.


    Pongal 1998

This album has 6 tracks
Reviewed by Sandya & Krishna

The film was released on Pongal 1998

Flat Thumb rating. Flat Thumb rating.
Sandya Krishna

Flat Thumb rating.Sandya's Flat Thumb rating: Like all other cinema buffs, I succumb to good film music too. But unlike most others, I am usually more willing to listen to albums more than once before I judge the class of the music. After the much hyped and well received Ullaasam, Karthik Raja has returned to provide a so-so fare in Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar. As times have changed dramatically, the western touch to tamil film music happens to be the latest trend. Karthik has also jumped onto the bandwagon. After a million listenings (well, not quite, but close enough :-)!) my favorite song still remains Aaththi Adi Aaththi sung by Priya, Vibha Sharma and Farah Rap. The Anupama style effects in the vocals alongside the "Check it out" background, makes this a tad more interesting than the run-of-the-mill stuff we get in tamil film music today. Indha Siripinai by Hariharan and Vibha Sharma and Nadana Kala Raani by Yuvan Shankar Raja, Premji and Bhavatharani are really beatsy and melodious for the first few times but do get tiring after a while. Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam try to make Kattaana Ponnu Romantic-aa sound unique. Unfortunately, shades of Karthik's Jollaare Jo Jollaare from Ullaasam are prominent in the song. Udith's rendition of Aiyalassa with Shalini (not the actress!) and Hello Mr. Kaadhalaa with Sadhana Sargam and Kavitha Paudwal are merely passable numbers. Udith desperately needs a tamil teacher. Anybody who volunteers will be doing tamil a big favor :-) . If you look at it from the perspective of a Prabhudeva film with these type of songs, you are actually very disappointed. But if you look at it from Karthik's point of view, you might probably be able to appreciate that he is indeed trying very hard to do something new. Whichever perspective you choose to take, you definitely want to give NINI a few listens. Karthik might make a believer out of you!



Flat Thumb rating.Krishna's Flat Thumb rating: I usually say that it takes me atleast three listens to start appreciating Rahman's music... With Karthik Raja, it is worse... I have lost count of the number of times I have listened to this album so far... Even though the songs sound nice sometimes, it sounds drastically different some other times... I bought this album the first day it was released in the Bay Area... And it took me nearly a month to write this review... Well, of course one reason is, I'm a bit on the lazy side... ;)

The album starts off with a nice melody by Hariharan and Vibha Sharma, Indha Sirippinai. Even though this song didn't appeal to me at the begining, it definitely grew on me and is probably one of the two songs I like the most in this album. The lilting sounds of the vibraphone which can be heard almost through the entire length of the song is one of the high points and adds a huge value in creating the mood of the song. Of course, I cannot move on without applauding Hariharan's singing prowess. What an amazing singer!!! Well if you want to have a romantic candle light dinner at home, this song (at a low volume) can add some value... Hmm... I guess, this review is just a few days late... ;)

Aathi adi aathi sung by Priya, Vibha Shama and Farah Rap is the next good number... Even though the music is nothing great, the singers have done an extremely good job to give it the needed jazz... The rest of the songs with the exception of Nadana kala rani are pretty much a waste of the listeners time, in my opinion.

Nadana kala rani is very unique, in that it sounds like a song from the N. S. Krishnan era, mixed down to suit this era... Very catchy beat and Suresh Peters kind of singing has given this song an A. R. Rahman'ish feeling. Also the beat variation (nadai change) from a 4/4 to a 3/4 (chatusram to a tisram) is very nice and it creates that nice jumpy rhythm in the later portion of the song...

OH! and for the record these are the other songs in this album.... Kattaana Ponnu Romantic-aa sung by Hariharan and Bhavatharini, Aiyalassa sung by Udith Narayan and Shalini and Hello Mr. Kaadhalaa sung by Udith Narayan, Sadhana Sargam and Kavitha Paudwal...

Well, if you are crazy about Hariharan's singing, then you can buy this CD just for Indha Sirippinai... But don't blame me, if you don't like this one immediately... It took me a long time to appreciate the nuances in this song...