Ponnu Veettukaaran

Music:     Ilaiyaraja
Direction:     P.Vasu
Lyrics:     Palani Bharathi, Gangai Amaran
Released:     September '98

This album has 5 tracks
Reviewed by NagasubramaniaN

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I think you will all remember the golden period of Illaiyaraja when he gave good songs to dabba films & saved them.  Well, this album comes under this catagory.  These songs cannot be stated as great when compared to IR's other recent works.  But this album is great for this film & Ilaiyaraja has done good work for P.Vasu, who left him for no reason & used MDs like Suresh Peters for his films.   'Inna seitharai oruththal' kuraLthaan nyapakam varuthu!

Ilaya Nilave is the only duet in this album sung by Sreenivas & Bhavatharini.  Sreenivas sounds like Hariharan in some pieces & Illaiyaraja should use this singer more - he deserves a status in tamil film music like Hariharan & Unnikrishnan.  However, he has some problems singing in high pitch.  Bhavatharini (after a long gap with a complete Sathyaraj and Preetha Vijaykumar in "Ponnu Veettukaaran"song) manages nicely & I think her voice will suit Preetha (heroine of the movie) nicely. Nanthavanak Kuyile is the best one in this album IMO.  This song has 2 versions- one by HH & other by Ilayaraja.   Both are nice.  This song has an excellent tune with great violin work by Ilayaraja.  'Naan appadiye urugi pooyitten.'  Palanibarathi has done a great job (evarodu evar vaazhkkai athai aandavan ezhuthi vaippaan).   This song is a kind of an 'aaruthal' song.  If this song is picturised well, it could become a great number like Kanne Kalaimaane but the problem is that P.Vasu is not that good in picturising songs.

Kettukkamma sung by mano is similar to Senthamizh naattu thamizhachchiye (Vandicholai Chinraasu, Music by A.R.Rahman) but something is missing in this song.  Not impressive.  Either palanibarathi or P.Vasu kuzhambi poyittanga poolirukku.  First saranam of this song teases ladies & the second half tells their greatness.  Advice or jollu - puriyalai.  However, Palanibarathi brings smiles to our lips in many occasions - koonthalil paathiyum penmaiyil paathiyum enge poochchu? a good question?!   I'll rate this song 5/10.  That too for Mano.  Ponnu veettu is a song sung by SPB.  This gives advice mazhai to a girl who is getting married.   SPB proves his experience again & Gangai Amaran has done decent work.   This song has similarities to Poo nilavonnu from Kizhakkum Merkkum.

Last song, Annanivan is by SPB.  This may be the title song of the movie.  Rajini paattu mathiri irukku.  Music remembers Kokkarakko Kozhi from Devathai. Gangai amaran ooooooooooveraa pugazhnthu ezhuthi irukkar. (uzhaaippukku uruvam irukku-Ivanai paaththukkoo).  My comment about this song is simple - Vasu buththiyai kaamichchuttaruppa!

This album is not really worth buying but don't forget to hear the album & record your favorites (mine are the first two & Ponnu Veettu)


Original Photograph (ponnu veettukaaran): Cinema Express
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya