Kaakkai Siraginiley

Music:     Ilayaraja
Direction:     P.Vasu
Lyrics:     R.V.Udhayakumar
Released:     August 1999

This album has 8 tracks
Reviewed by lighter sense

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If you want to relax and listen to an album with less noise and more melody, go for this one from IR - serene! SPB gets a field day from IR. (IR finally gives vacation to Hariharan)

Parthiban and Preetha Vijayakumar in Kaakkai SiraginilaeOranjaaram ushaarayya ushaaru is my pick from this album set in Desh raagam. SPB is just amazing right through and the interludes are just astounding. The set thaalam is not usual for a cine song and a tough one. Lyrics by RVU is quite funny and nice. One of IR's masterpieces from his recent albums. Listen and enjoy! Paadithirindha endhan thozhi has IR and SPB versions. Konjam sogamaana paatu. Both of them have sung well. Nothing special about this song. But definitely not bad.

Gayathiri kaetkum oru maayathirai vilagum by the Unnikrishnan and Bhavadharini is another great song in this album. Has shades of Sindhu Bhairavi ragam (I guess). This song reminds me of another one by the duo Aalamaram mela varum pacha pasum kiliyey in Sendhooram. Bhava is improving slowly. Enjoy the slow addition of background beats as the song starts to a full fledged one. Oororam pogum indha udambu has been sung by P. Susheela's proxy named Sandhya (remember Poongodiyin punnagai from Iruvar). She has shown the emotions very well which this song is trying to convey. Looks like it has been set in Maya maalava gowla raagam.(Recall kuyila pudichu koondiladachu koova sollugira ulagam).

Nenavu therinja naal mudhalaa needhaan enakku saami has some nice interludes typical for IR and Chithra gives special treatment along with Mano to this ordinary song. Not to forget the first song, Kolakiliyey is a fast, branded IR number sung beautifully by SPB, so soothing to ears.

SPB scores hatrick with those three songs. His voice never ages. Thanks IR, for giving an album which has the potential to become another Chinna Thambi. Well done!

lighter sense

Original Photograph (Kaakkai Siraginiley): Cinema Express
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya