Poovellaam kaettu paar

Music:     Yuvan Shankar Raja
Direction:     Vasanth
Lyrics:     Pazhani Bharathi
Released:     March 1999

This album has 7 tracks
Reviewed by lighter sense and Sandya Krishna

Flat Thumb rating Lighter Sense's Flat Thumb Rating

This album of YSR comes after Velai and it is evident that he is trying to be different from his father as a policy. It is an average album if we forget the fact that it is made by a kid who is about 18 years old.

Oh senyorita, pesum mezhugu bommayey... by Unni Krishnan is quite appealing to ears with his voice modulation to suit this party song's pace. Definitely unusual for Unni.

Surya and Jyothika in "Poovellaam Kaettu Paar"(Poova) x4 poovae... by UnniKrishnan and Nithyashree has the Chaiya chaiya influence in the beginning and both singers have sung the poova poova part with unique style, the experience in carnatic music coming in handy. He tries to bring in arabic tunes in the middle, the general trend of MDs nowadays. But the rest of the song is not all that great. Nithyashree unlike Unni, takes break at end of every phrase which is rather surprising for a carnatic music singer who gave us Kannodu kaanbadhellaam.

Iravaa pagalaa veyilaa mazhaiya... by Hariharan and Sujatha is my pick from this album. Has a lot of IR's influence and is quite melodious. Choodidhaar anindhu vandha sorgamaey... thamizh is royally massacred by Sadhana Sargam. Very average song, and poor Hariharan is lost. CBI ingey thedachollu konjam... is sung by Sukhvinder singh. I donno why both KR and YSR like to utilize the singers introduced by ARR, especially if they are killers of thamizh. The thing worth mentioning in this song is the excellent high pitch and low pitch rendition by Sukhvinder. Tapping beats, this one is sure chartbuster, despite Sukhvinder. And by default, there is a Bhavadharini song to tease your ears, best left without mentioning.

I remember this quote...'and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go..'. This applies to YSR if he has to prove that he is IR's son.

lighter sense

Thumbs Up rating Sandya Krishna's Thumbs Up Rating

A brand new album from Yuvan Shankar Raja after the reasonably good Velai and the pathetic Kalyaana Galaattaa. Yuvan shines in several places with his music never sounding as polished ever before. Ilaiyaraja's youngest son definitely has something to offer - but something very different from what his father has offered us for so many years.

The Panju Arunachalam - Ilaiyaraja combination has churned out the best films/music together in the many years they have worked together. Maybe Yuvan can also benefit with the Panju combo in Poovellaam Kaettupaar. The album has 7 songs, all written by Pazhani Bharathi. There are clearly four winners in this album: Senorita by Unnikrishnan, CBI Engay thaeda sollu by Sukhwindar Singh, Churidhaar Anindhu Vandha Sorgamae by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam and finally, Iravaa.. Pagalaa.. by Hariharan and Sujatha.

Unnikrishnan has definitely attempted to sound different in this song and has succeeded immensely. Senorita Senorita reminds you of an old Spanish tune that you probably heard somewhere else. But it is melodious in its own way. On the other hand, CBI Engay by Sukhwindar Singh sounds very blank in terms of composition, but somehow manages to attract you in one way or another. (God forbid, that the attraction would be Sukhwindar's tamil!) Sukhwindar's high-low pitch mix makes for an interesting listen or two. Both Churidhaar Anindha and Iravaa.. Pagalaa.. have Hariharan singing at his best in recent time. After listening to his work in Unnai Thaedi, I had a faint feeling he had really lost his touch. But both songs in this album nilai niruthu-fy him as a good singer once again. The same cannot be said of Sadhana Sargam. She royally butchers tamil and makes you wonder if she was the same lady who sang Vennilave Vennilave in Minsaara Kanavu with Hariharan. Maybe she should start searching for a new tamil tutor soon enough. Sujatha is her usual best in Iravaa.. Pagalaa.. No great singing expected from her, but no complaints either.

The patience-testing four songs in this album include the two versions of Poova Poova - Poovae undhan - one by Nithyasree and the other by Unnikrishnan. The song has too many Poovaes and lacks the extra punch needed for this genre of music (Examples: PulveLi in Aasai and Manam virumbudhe in Nerukku Ner had the little extra pep that Poovae really lacks.) Nithyashree sounds like she is struggling to sing the high pitch (which should not be the case, unless it is the CD's fault!) Unnikrishnan passes the test in grand fashion - not much of test for a singer of his stature. Poova Poova might become a hit, but it surely appears void in several places.  Moreover, the song also contains a strong Malligai Poovae Malligai Poovae vaadai from S.A.Rajkumar's Unnidaththail Ennai Koduththaen, which makes you dislike it even more. Poovellaam Maalaigal by Srinivas and Pooththadhu Pooththadhu by Bhavadharini will get no mention here - for obvious reasons. Both songs are very ordinary and meander aimlessly for the 3-4 minutes that they are required to play.

Overall, a much better effort by Yuvan Shankar Raja and one that deserves tremendous praise and encouragement from us. If he keeps this up, what we will have soon enough is a tough contender to orangattu-fy mediocre music directors like Deva and S.A.Rajkumar. Surely, Yuvan does have a long way to go before he reaches atleast the 1/8 mark of Ilaiyaraja's musical compositions and career. But Yuvan belongs to a different generation which listens to a different tune, and maybe, just maybe, we should grade him on his merit than on his father's accomplishments. We are finally beginning to see signs of a promising young music director in tamil cinema, after a very long time.

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (Poovellaam kaettu paar): Dhina Malar
Photograph scanned and reworked by: Sandya