December Vambugall

***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Tamil Movie News (Cont.)***

***Velliththirai Vambhugal*** Kisu Kisukkal, Shandaigal, Modhalgal, etc..

***Pazhaiya news endraalum, andha 'Adhiradi Raani' has been married for over four years and has managed to keep her marriage a big secret. But ippo, things have changed dramatically!.. It appears that shandai queen is making plans to oor ariya marry her husband again, as she has developed the deep desire to have children now!.. Since she doesn't want the world to speak badly of the child, she has decided to tie the knot again, this time for the world to see!.. "Puyal ondru Poovaanadhu?"...

***An "Irandu yezhuththu nadigai" recently tied the knot and was soon asked if she got the blessings of her "kadalora-maai kavithai padikkum" gurunaadhar!.. Nadigai vall yendru erinju vizhundaar!.. It was because of him that my wedding got postponed for so long.. Avarai poyi yaaraavadhu paarpaangalaa?!.. "'Adi Aaththaadi' indha shandai-ya paarthiyaa?"..

***"Miss Music" Nadigai-kkum "Sita"raaman-aana hero-vukkum romba nall aaga-ve jalsa, love matter, endrellaam kaadhil pattadhu.. Matter veli vara, hero denied all involvement. "Pasunesan" oruvar summa kidakkum 'sangeedha-thai' rasikka deal pottaaram..

Adharkkul 'Sita'raama hero got worried and immediately spent lakhs of rupees planning a 'pudhiya paadhai'... oops.. sorry.. 'pudhiya veedu' and bought it for her as a huge gift. It appears that that he has also promised her the lead heroine role for the film that he had initially planned to 'priyamaaga' direct with his wife playing the role. Idhai ellavatraiyum maniththu viduvom.. indha 'pasunesan' nadigar-ukku idhu ellam thevai dhaana!.. Veettil "Nalinamaana" manaivi-yai vaithu kondu, ellam padangalilum aadu maadu ottum ivarukku indha vambhu thevaiyaa?!..

(As expected, the 'sitaraaman' hero mentioned in this kisu kisu, vehemently denied the rumour and challenged Kumudham to prove the kisu kisu with thagundha aadhaaram!.. If Kumudham did prove the rumour, the hero promised to stop acting in films permanently!.. Nadigar-in nalanai karudhi, Kumudham Magazine wished him well and kept mum!.. "Sita"raaman yaar yendru therigiradhaa?)

***When we talk about women being in serious trouble, definitely "Naattamai"-yin current kaadhali dhaan gnyaabaga-ththukku varugiraar!.. She is caught between having to choose to act in K.Bhagyaraj's "Vettiya Madichchu Kattu" and the "Aravindhan" of her dreams who happens to be on the Padaippaalligal's side. Aathula oru kaal, seththula oru kaal, yendru bayangara kashta pattu kondirukkiraar Roshni + Jothika-vin Akka!..

***Each one of us knows the facts and persons involved in the strike and therefore can immediately recognize any incidents related to it. Plus, indha kadhai yerkanave appattamaaga yezhudhi pottaachu!.. Nevertheless, nothing replaces reading interesting news in 'kisu kisu' form:

As expected "Kaadhala Kaadhala" padaththukku yekka chakka edhirppu.. Idhai edhirpaarththa "Indhiyan" contacted our "Thiruvannamalai-yaar" over the telephone and spoke to him for a long period of time. At the same time, Meena nice-saaga "KK"-ilirundhu jagaah vaangi vida, "Thiruvannamalai-yaar" promised Kamal, "kavalai padaatheenga, Rambha-vaiyum Soundarya-vaiyum padaththil pottudalaam." Interestingly, the two actresses were secretly brought in and all the stills for the film were taken.. Ellam ragasiyam-aaga nadakka, Kamal-in edhir katchi aallunga, 'how did they manage to keep the matter so unbelievably mum' yendru munu munuththu kondirukkiraargal!

***Manirathna-thin katchi?.. Gurnaadhar is "thulli thirindhu" producing a film that "Manthrams Thanthrams" therinja nadigai was supposed to act in!.. But now, Roshni is acting instead. Yenn yendru kettal, "Manthrams" says: "I pay my manager more than what that producer offered me as salary." Yenn dhideer yendru Maniratna-thin "be a kanjan to the artists" policy-ai Kamal-in gurunaadhar follow pannugiraaro?..

***Ambikai maattikondaar!.. Obviously, everyone knows that Ambikai had packed her bags and her children off to Chennai from the U.S., in hopes of resurrecting her cine career. Once she arrived, Chennai-yil ulla local school ondril kuzhandhai-galai setru vittaar!.. She then proceeded to beg, plead and nachcharichchu-fy directors and producers for at least a small role in their films. Now, she has finally been able to bag a few roles (Thanks to 'Thalaivar' Arunaachalam !), her husband has called her back to the U.S. He has warned her that if she did not come back immediately, she will have to kuppai kottu-fy in Chennai permanently.. Paavam Ambikai, "kuzhu-kkum aasai, meesai-kkum aasai" yendru thindaadi kondirukkiraar!..

***K.S.Ravikumar-ukku pudhu thalai vali.. Besides being constantly questioned and badgered about why he decided not to direct Kamalahassan's "Kaadhala Kaadhala," KSR ippodhu innum bayangara-maaga matti kondu vittaar!.. After a very simple poojai ceremony for his new venture "Kondaattam" starring Arjun in the lead, KSR did his part to add fuel to the already burning feud between FEFSI and the Padaippaalligal.. He insisted on having Vijaykumar star as Manthra's father in his film. Vijaykumar, who has become a strong pillar in the FEFSI organization, was probably surprised to find himself as a hot commodity in the Padaippaaligal camp!..

Meanwhile, the Padaipaalligal (Bharathiraja and Co.) were shocked and surprised at KSR's stubborness over the matter and tried on numerous occasions to make Ravikumar understand the larger problems looming over their heads. But Ravikumar "no 'ifs, buts, and can'ts" on the matter yendru sonnavudan, Radha Ravi blew his top!.. He accussed Ravikumar of not only neglecting him as a possible candidate to play Manthra's father's role in "Kondaattam," but also of trying to spite him against Vijaykumar (as the fight between the Cinema Artists' Union leader, Vijaykumar and the Nadigar Sangam leader Radha Ravi, had never really died down, whether before or after the peak period of the strike.) Of course, KSR did not go down lightly to Radha Ravi's protest. He countered RR's argument by saying that Vijaykumar had officially declared himself out of FEFSI to the press and had given support to the Padaippalligal.. Obviously, no one was prepared to hear KSR out to follow his reasoning..

Finally, K.S.Ravikumar got his way and did get his 'mooththa naattamai' to play Manthra's father in the movie.. but now, every guy who walks the street, stops to question him: "Idhay maadhiri yenn neenga "Kaadhala Kaadhala"-ve direct panni dhaan theeruven-nu addam pidikkalai?" Paavam KSR, indha kelvi-kku mattum kap-chip yendru irukkiraar!..

***Rambha kazhuth-thai aruththu vittaar.. or so Sundhar C. probably feels now.. After all, it was only earlier this year that Sundhar had given an interview stating that Rambha was indeed the most understanding and cooperative cinema artist he had ever worked with.. But Rambha tore that all to pieces recently. She, not only climbed on to "Sundhar's Bad List" but also on to the Padaippaalligal's "Keep them away list." It appears that all the preparations had been made to shoot a song sequence for Sundhar C.'s new venture "Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar" in Sun City, South Africa.

On a side note, the Padaippaalligal had absolutely no problem with both Prabhudeva and Rambha starring in the FEFSI production unit's "Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa" and the Padaippalligal production unit's "Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar." After all, Bharathiraja had issued a statement that all artists should act according to their conscience and have the freedom to choose whatever roles they want.

But the problem really started, when Prabhudeva, Maheshwari ("Ullaasam") and the entire crew including Sundhar C. had landed in South Africa. Rambha had not boarded the plane with them as planned. "Na.Ir.Na.Ir" unit became nervous, not knowing what to do, as the shooting time and spot that they had reserved in Sun City was going to waste. Wait panni, Wait panni, nondhu povadharkku badhil, they went ahead and had Maheshwari put on Rambha's costumes and picturized the song with her and Prabhudeva. Rambha, who arrived two days later, got wild and furious that Sundhar and co. would picturize the song without her. Rambha potta saththaththil, entire unit-oda 'ullaththai (alla villai) oru ulukku ulukki vittaar!'..

What's more, she immediately placed a call to the Raajkamal office in Chennai and asked them to book a ticket on one of the first flights out of South Africa to India. Rambha went back to Chennai almost three days before the "Na.Ir.Na.Ir" unit and got ready to dance for "Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa," instead. Sundhar and others who were angry and disappointed with Rambha's behavior filed a complaint with the Film Chamber.. Adhukkum Rambha, "Bebe.. unnaal aanadhai paarththukko" yendru kandukkaama poyi vittaar!..

Meanwhile, more developments came about once Rambha was kicked out of the film. It appears that Sundhar's dearest, Kushboo had strongly thrown in a recommedation for Simran to grab the role that Rambha had trashed, but Meena seems to have entered the picture from somewhere, all of a sudden. The fact that Meena gave up her "Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa" role for Rambha/Soundarya, while Rambha gave up her "Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar" role for Meena, only shows how wonderfully stable Kodambakkam has been since the strike.

Paavam Sundhar, varusham poora vambh-il maattikondavar-ukku, an additional vambhu to deal with now!..

On a side note to the entire matter, Simran has now declared that she gave up her chances to star in "Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa" and "Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar," because she did not want to pack herself with call sheet troubles and not be able to act in that she had already committed to.. Simran 'ran' away yendru kooda silar sollgiraargal!..

***Vichitra and Babu Thilak.. the magazines are having a field time with this kisu kisu for over two months now: Vichitra and Police Officer Thilakavathy's son Babu Thilak secretly held their marriage engagement in Thilakavathy's home on October 18th, 1997. Vichitra got furious when she read this kisu kisu and vehemently protested this by saying that she had no reason to have a ragasiya nichchayathaartham.. Moreover, she said that that she did not even know who Babu Thilak was and never laid eyes on him. She was most disgruntled by the congratulations messages, phone calls and telegrams she was getting as a result of this kisu kisu..

On the other hand, Thilakavathy's son Babu Thilak assured everyone that he was in Thirupadhy on the 18th and was not at his home at the time specified for his engagement with Vichitra. He claimed he was not a desa dhrogi to be frightened and hold a ceremony in secrecy. But he did admit that he knew Vichitra from several instances where they had met each other, including the time when he and she had studied in +2 together in the same class in the same school.

Eventually, Vichitra did come around to admitting she knew Babu Thilak but still continues to vehemently deny any relationship and/or engagement with him!..

***The 'amma nadigai' recently got on to the covers of many prominent magazine covers as a result of her 'gudhi' into politics. But not everything is fine and dandy as her last film bombed at the box office. Moreover, 'amma' got busy with her arasiyal matters that producers are not so confident about amma's 'raasi' in their movies. "Tamil cinema-vil "Pallaandu Vaazhga" yendru solla vendum yendru aasai dhaan.. aanaal.. hmm!"

***'Meera'.. back on drugs?!.. Drug addiction-aal theru theru-vaai alaindha 'Meera,' rombavum kashta pattu than kuzhandhai-yum azhaiththu kondu oru vazhiyaaga 'lakshmi-garamaana' amma veetukku vandhu serndhaar.. Things were starting to look up, as both magal and amma had patched up their differences and were enjoying their life again.. One day, Amma had to go out of town for a shooting for a few days and it appears that magal-ukku pazhaiya drug adikkira aasai vandhu vittadhu!.. Now, the mother-daughter relationship is back on the rocks!..

***Manthra-vukku romba pidichcha 'Kathirikkaa'.. Manthra's lastest fling shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, not even to Kushboo or Punitha.. It is with none other than 'Gundu Kathirikkaa' Prabhu, whom she became extremely close with during the shooting of "Thedinen Vandhadhu." "Prabhuji" is all Manthra raves about in all her interviews.. That aside, Dhina Thandhi recently reported that nowadays Manthra is not accompanied by her father to shootings. But rather by a 'vaatta shaatta-maana ilaignyar' whom Manthra has been reported to marry soon.. One wonders if Prabhu is still considered an 'ilaignyar' these days?:-)


My Sources: Cinema Express, Kumudham, Anandha Vikatan & Dhina Thandhi..