***Kutti Vambhugal***

*** Pazhaiya 'jollu' news-ai poll rusikkummaa?..

Though a comparitively old rumour, the Nagarjuna-Tabu love matter never ceases to create interest.. According to Tabu, Nagarjuna spent lots of time with her playing cards.. and Amala walked in to remind him that his health was important and that he had shooting the next day!.. Ivalavu dhaan nadandha-dhaam!.. But that doesn't matter.. The magazines had a field time writing otherwise.. saying Amala had a fit seeing Tabu and Nag together.. etc.. etc.!.. Nejamaagave Nag Tabu-vai paarththu "Unnaiye Kalyaanam Pannikkaren"-nu sollirupaaro?!..

*** "Adimai Sangili!"..

Talk about a bad case of anger and disagreement.. and R.K. Selvamani and Rambha's shandai is an example of just that!.. with the same title.. Even after giving proper call sheets, Rambha refused to show up on several dates.. RKS's explanation: "Ennadhu padangalil kadhaa-naayagar-galukke mukkiyaththuvam kodukkiren.. Kadhaa-nayagi-galai pattri peridhaagayedhuththu kollvadhillai. Rambha-vai pattri naan yendha karuththum koora virumbavillai"..

*** Kamalahassan-in "Indhiyan Thaththa"

vedaththukku Charu Haasan vote-upottaara?.. Obviously, the question on everybody's mind, considering bothCharu Haasan and G.Venkateswaran were the only two tamils on the selecting committee.. Charu Hassan had nicely avoided being on this committee citing either himself as a contender or a family member as one for many years.. Soon, he realized that Kamal would continue to provide good movies.. and he might lose his chance to be on the National Awar selecting committee, if he kept citing Kamal as a reason.. Setting his personal interests aside, Charu Hassan "(Thanakku) vote-yeduppil kalandhu
kolla manasaatchi idam tharavillai yendru koori odhungi kondar." Of the fourteen people present, only thirteen voted.. and GV was one of them.. Adhaavadhu.. verum vaayi-kku aval mella kidaiththu vittadhu!..

*** Vandhaar.. Koduththaar.. Marandhaar.. Ponaar..

Rajinikanth had held a special function in Ragavendra Kalyana Mandapam for all those who participated in the making of "Arunaachalam".. He presented everyone with a "irandu poun" chain.. Rajini called the director, cinematographer, producers-in-charge and presented them with the chain.. Then, he said he had some important errand to take care of and left immediately.. What ever happenned to giving dialogue writer Crazy Mohan a chain?.. Hmmm.. AV-kaarargal vambhai killappi vittu vittaargal!.. Did he already give him the chain before? or was he planning to give Crazy special recognition some other time?.. Poruthth-irundhu paarppom!..

*** Vani evalavu maraiththaalum.. UNMAI POI aagumaa?..

Actress Saritha who has remained a dubbing artist for quite a while and been out of movies for even longer, has begun to suspect that her husband Mukesh is indeed having an affair!.. Mukesh, who ventured into tamil films once with his performance in K. Balachandar's "Jaadhi Malli," seems to be involved with "My India" Vani Vishwanath!.. Just another 'yerkanave kalyanam-aanavar-aikalyanam seidhu kolla pogum heroine' example yendru kandu-kaama irundhaalum"Achchamillai Achchamillai" yendru manaivi visva roobam yeduththaal yenna aavadhu?!..

*** Sruthi and Oorvasi's 'Kalyaana' Vathanthigal..

Sruthi has been trapped in a latest kisu kisu which links her with Kannada director Mahendra.. As always, Sruthi maruppu theriviththu vittaar!.. Oorvasi, on the other hand, maruppu yedhum sollaaamal, is acting busily to finish up enough films and collect enough money to tie the knot with her Malayaalee actor/boyfriend Mukesh soon!.. Usual style-il kaadhal-odu nikkaamal, kalyaana-mumpanni kolla pogiraar!.. On a side note, Actresses Ramya Krishnan and Sukanya are also in the "kalyaana" news section.. Some sources say that Ramya will soon tie the knot with up and coming telegu director Krishna Vamsi.. While Sukanya veettil mummaram-aaga jaadhagam ellam paarkka arambiththu vittaargal!.. Plenty of dum dums on the way!..

*** Inimel Sundhar "Murai Maman" illaiyo?..

This appears to be everybody's mind today!.. Kushboo, who was thrilled with the possibility that she and Sundhar C. would tie the knot sometime early next year.. comes alone to social functions nowadays!.. Even though, the press has yet to venture into 'why' Sun and Kush don't hang out together.. it's high time we all heard about what's really going on!.. Break-up yedhaavadhu aagi vittadhaa, yenna?!..