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***Tamil Movie News(Cont.)***

***Kutti News***

***Maheshwari has been getting harsh treatment from the press lately.. They have practially denounced her as "not appealing" and in some cases, "not pretty".. Ippadi irukka, Mahi is now considering reparing her nose.. (mugame seriyillai yengiraargal, mookkai repair seidhu yenna payan?)..  Livingston is set to tie the knot and terribly happy about it!.. Liv, who was once hotly kisu kisu-ed with Cinematographer B.R.Vijayalakshmi, will now join hands with Kalaichelvi Jayachitra, a school teacher in Annanagar, Chennai.. Ivarukku kadaisi-yaaga oru "sundhara purushi"  kidaiththu vittar!..

***Appears that Simran and Abbas became really good friends on the set of "V.I.P." and as a result, Abbas calls Simran, "Chimpanzee" (Chella peyiraa idhu?! Aiyyo!).. Despite popular presumption, Director Vasanth did not sign Kausalya based on her performance in her debut film "Kaalamellam Kaadhal Vaazhga".. Vasanth happenned to be visiting a jewelery store one day and it was closed. Kausalya picture was on the shutters.. Stunned by her looks, Vasanth got her Bangalore address from the store and signed her immediately for his film "Nerukku Nerr."  Interestingly, Kausalya, who was extremely gorgeous dressed in sarees in KKV, has mostly worn western clothes for NN!.. In the meantime, "Nerukku Nerr" should have hopefully reached the editing and re-recording stage by now.. Shooting should be complete!..

***Director Sivakumar, who made a terribly serious film in "Aayudha Poojai" last year, has adopted a new formula for his current venture: "Rettai Jadai Vayasu."  He has made it into a comedy where the village in which Manthra and her family live has a dish antenna.. Manthra's mom Latha will enter the film driving a bicycle. Meet Sriman, a new supporting actor, who you might recognize from his roles in "Priyam," "Raasi," and "Love Today."  The son of Prakash Reddy, who has produced over 16 films, Srinivasa Reddy or Sriman, currently stars in "Manasukkul Varalaamma?" with Abbas and Ravali, "Puli Pirandha Mannu" with Napolean and Roshni and "Shuzhal," a T.V. serial which Sriman gloats about!..

***Child Artist Shalini, who has now become a bright young maiden, Kumari Shalini has stated that she will not stop her studies to act in films. She has also made it extremely clear that she would accept films only if they have an excellent story, director and producer.  That was indeed the reason why she choose to do a repeat performance of her role in "Anyaththi Piraavu," in tamil with Vijay co-starring and Fazil directing.. Shalini also insists that: "Ennai kuzhandhai-yaai paarththa thaai-maargalin mugam sullikaadha alavukku nalla kadhaa paaththiram-aaga therindhe-duththu-dhaan nadippen..

***In case we have all forgotten, the little girl who starred in "Keladi Kanmani," especially during the scene S.P.B. breaks the five star bar in two splitting it between her and Radhika.. That young girl is none other than Neena. Now, a charming teenager, studying tenth grade, Neena had considered leaving school soon after Director Agathiyan booked her to star with Prakashraj in K.Balachandar's "Vidukadhai." But her school principal vitta dose-la, Neena picked up her books again and did extremely well in her 10th exams.. Appadi podu!.. So, can we tell the difference between Dance Master John Babu, Stunt Master Azhagu, Director Yugi Sethu and Comedian Dhamu?.. Well, unfortunately, Dhamu goes through this aall maaraatta prachchanai every single day when he walks into the set of any film!. But things have changed for the better, as "Love Today" has really made people recognize him..

Dhamu did his B.A. in Agriculture alongside his mono-acting and mimicry on stage at Presidency College.. After debuting as a watchman in "Vaaname Ellai," Dhamu acted in several films with no luck.. "Love Today" has made all the difference!.. Dhamu's greatest mimicry to date, has been his impression of "Jurassic Park".. Scary to hear, but great fun to watch!..

***Meet K.R.Vatsala.. She played Rajini's valarppu amma in "Arunaachalam," and has also starred as R.Sundararajan's wife in "Dharma Chakkaram."  It seems strange why she has come to acting all of a sudden.. But when she was young, her parents felt that K.R.Vijaya was more than enough representation from her family in the film field.  After things settled down and KRV got married, she made her own decision to return to films.. She has also jumped into the T.V. serial realm..

***Sangavi-yin seventh heaven!.. Sangavi has been getting tired of doing kavarchi doll roles in films and has waited for quite a while to do a decent job in a film!.. Her chance has indeed come in Director Cheran's new venture "Porkaalam" with Murali.. She stars as kuyavar velai seiyum penn role and hopes to get tons of paaraattu for her efforts.. Meet K.B.Mohan or more popularly called "Chinna Balu" by M.S.Vishwanathan.. KBM not only looks like SPB but also claims to sing like him (Hear the song in "Devadhai" and decide for yourself!).. KBM also has a light music troupe of his own and made his debut in "Devadhai" only for fun!..

***As P.C.Sriram is in charge of cinematography for an English film (the first time for a thamizhan), he will not serve as camera man for Kamalahassan's "Marudhanaayagam."  PCS surely doesn't seem too disappointed!.. Sivaji Ganeshan has decided to do another tamil film, which will produced by Pyramid Natarajan.. The untitled film will have Napolean doing a special role and Kasthuriraja ("Yettuppatti Raasa") directing.. The poojai function will take place soon.. Vineeth has gained a lot more popularity than what we have guessed!.. He has atleast half a hand full of films which now include "Maravaadhe Kanmaniye" with Karan, Ravali, Reshma, Sivakumar, Kasan Khan and Senthil co-starring.. Newcomer Mahakumar composes music, as newcomer Madhavan directs..


Just one great quote this time..

***"Rahman kitte oru kuraiyum irukku.. A.R.Rahman niraiya "paada payirchchi peraadha (untrained) vangalaiye" voice vidyasamaa irukku- karaththu-kkaaga avar kitte irukkara advanced sound track technology-ai nambi use pannaradhu-naala veetil poochchigal maadhiri niraiya paadagargal uruvaaiduraanga. Adhukku appuram andha singers cinema-la nilaikka mudiyaama kidaichcha peyiroda thaniyaa album pottu 'pop'-nu sedhikkaraanga.   Kara kara-nu puriyaadha voice, meesai-la, hair style-lai yedhaavadhu vidhyaasam panni, kaadhula kadukkan maatti kiradhu thavira 'pop' paththi avangalukku yenna theriyum?"

Anuradha Sriram's response to the question of whether A.R.Rahman inspired and create this newfound belief and interest in pop music! (Yenna, ore oru problem, ivarukkum nadigai Madhubala-vai polla, Maniratna-ththai pattri kundakka mandakka sonna piragu market outtaana maadhiri, aaga koodaadhu yendru nambuvom!)

My Sources: Anandha Vikatan, Cinema Express, Kumudham..

***Eppodhum polla ungalukku yedhaavadhu pudhu pada seidhi therindhaal adhai ennudan pangu kollveergal yena nambukiren!..