***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Even though, the tamil cine strike stretched long enough and news from Kodambakkam comes in spurts.. there are always lots to write about: news, vaththanthigal, music, T.V. and awards.. So, arambipoma?..

***Velliththirai Vambhugal***

***Ramba's head Rumbles.. This could actually be called the Sundhar C. edition, considering he is busy clearing up his name in all the vaththanthis currently prevalent about him.. First one states that Sundhar C, Rambha pirandha naal-u kaaga oru pudavai vaangi koduththaar.. According to Sundhar, Rambha celebrated her birthday on June 5th during "V.I.P." shooting and not during "Arunachalam" shooting in November.. He discovered that Rambha's birthday was in June only from newspapers.. Currently, Rambha stars in three of Sundhar C. films, including "Janakiraman," and the A.M.Ratnam production.. Sundhar's argument, "Just because she is acting in three of my films, udane kisu kisu arambiththu-viduvadhaa?!..

Moreover, Sundhar C. said: "Rambha-vai poruththa-varai munnani kadhaa-naayagi-galil oruvar.. Thedhigal adjust seidhu padappidippu-gal vegamaaga nadakka oththu-zhaippu koduppavar.. Sambala vishayaththil pidi-vaadha-maaga illaamal, producer-udan anusarichchu pogiravar.. Ennai pondra director-galukku yendha prachchanai-yum kodukaadhavar.. Rambha en veettin aduththa road-il dhaanirukkiraar.. Aanaalum nangal shooting-il dhaan sandhikkirom!".

Meanwhile, Actor Arjun denies that Rambha is the "Bhoologa Devadhai" that Sundhar makes her out to be.. Arjun claims: "Mudhalil ("Adimai Sangili") December-il veliyida plan panninaargal.. January, February.. March, April varai poi vittadhu.. Ramba call sheet prachchanai vandhu vittadhu. Avaru-kaaga kaaththirundhu kaaththirundhu neram veenaagiyadhu.. Appuram avarai-ye kettaal, 'ennidam kuripitta dates avargal vaangave illai' endru sonnaar".. Of course, Arjun would never verbally assault Rambha's behavior.. appuram aduththa padaththukku kavarchi kaatta yaar varuvaargal?.. Actress Roja has already fought Rambha's claims tooth and nail, especially Rambha's accusation that she did not have enough scope in R.K.Selvamani's "Adimai Sangili".. Aaga moththam, Rambha thalai major-aaga urullu-giradhu!..

***Rupashree-yin peru moochchu!.. The second vathanthi that Sundhar C. deals with also involves Actress Roopashree to a certain extent.. RS who starred as a widow in "Pudhayal" is doing a supporting actress role in Sundhar C.'s new film "Janakiraman," complains about and simultaneously sympathizes with Director Sundhar too.. According to RupShr.. the jagadaa between Nagma and Rambha grows day by day on the set.. Nagma-vai shot ready endru kooppittal.. "Mudhalil Rambha-vai vara sollungal" yengiraar.. Paavam, supporting actors like Senthil, Manivannan and Rupashree wear their make-up and wait pointlessly watching this kooththu between the two heavy weight (boxers?!) heroines, day in and day out.. RupS truly prays that the film will end in this century..

On the other hand, Sundhar C. has clarified this situation to be a private ladaai between Nagma and Rambha being brought in to disrupt his film by Nagma herself!.. Sundhar C.-ai poruththa-varaikkum Nagma accusses him of taking more close-up shots of Rambha than her and giving more importance to Rambha than her.. Sundhar C. clearly blames Nagma for creating the raucous and all the galaattas on the sets.. Inimel, "Janakiraman"-ai "Villaadhi Villi" kittrendhu kadavul dhaan kaappaththanum!..

***The last set of vaththanthis that Sundhar C. addresses involve "Super Star" Rajinikanth and C.Su's sweetheart/fiance Actress Kushboo.. Initially, Sundhar had no intentions of letting out any of the sudaana details of the making of "Arunaachalam," but he did let four of his trustworthy journalist friends cover the interesting stuff!.. But those good friends wrote illadha-dhaiyum pollaadha-dhaiyum and created the vaththanthi that Kushboo got the chance for Sundhar C. to direct "Arunaachalam".. Furthermore, on some heated issue, rumours flew that Rajini slapped Sundhar in a moment of anger.. With vambhus and vathathanthis hitting the roof, Sun decided to keep permanently mum during the filming of "Arunaachalam."   He did this in an attempt to keep his mind focused on the movie and not on pointless 'false tales manufactured by' what he calls as 'table journalists/muttaalgal." 

Furthermore, Sundhar also cited Coimbatore as a gauge of Arunaachalam's success, especially for those who believe that the film was a huge disaster.. Usually, if a film released in Coimbatore, it would release in a maximum of two theaters, but in Arunaachalam's case, the film opened in nine theaters to housefull shows!.. At that rate, the film would run 150 days worth just in those nine theaters. Moreover, "Arunaachalam" has created records overseas that have never been seen before by foreign distributors..

The muttruppuli, a very lasting one, on the Kushboo matter.. Sundhar C. and Kushboo are ready to tie the knot in early 1998.. Siriththu konde, Sundhar admits that he gets the latest news of their marriage status everyday from the newspapers.. He is glad that the press has taken so much interest in their wedding, but regardless, he will wait until Kush's major committments to films are complete before their wedding!.. In Sundhar's own words: "Ondru nichchayam.. yendha vaththanthi-yum engalai pirikka mudiyaadhu!"..

***Kumble.. 'Idhu Namma Allu' illai.. Everybody in Kodambakkam have nothing better to chatter about today than the Anil Kumble-Shobana kaadhal matter.. Initially, Shobhana took it lightly, as though, it was a common occurance in the film field.. When she returned from one of her foreign star shows, rumour paravi-yadhai paarththu aadi ponnar!.. Shobs claims that she had never set eyes on Anil Kumble, until one of her fans mailed her a newspaper cutting with his picture!.. Moreover, Shobs never thought she would be caught in this kind of kaadhal kasa musa, yennaa avar ippodhaikku lime light-la kooda illai!..

Things took a serious turn when Cricketeer Anil Kumble's father blew his top at press reporters telling them to leave his family alone and that no such love or potential marriage possibilities between Shobs and Kumbs existed.. Interestingly, Shobs picked up the phone during the Anandha Vikatan interview and called Kumble's residence trying to talk to him to resolve the problems.. (Kumble-ye theriyaadhu engiraar.. aanal, phone number vaithirukkaare?!.. Hmmm!).. The final bomb in this supposed love story comes from the fact that indeed Anil Kumble is in love with a college student in Madras.. Idhai pattri Shobs-idam ketta podhu, she responded that she did not think Anil would marry a South Indian or anyone from Madras..

In a separate interview with the college student, who indeed happens to be Anil Kumble love interest/fiance?!, the girl admits that some actress (Shobs?!) had threatened her to leave Kumble alone because she claimed that he was hers!.. Major jagadaa aaga pogiradhu yendru mattum therigiradhu..

***"Sush Ennai Kaadhali," "Tabu Ennai Kaadhali" yendraagi vittadhu.. "Maithili" yen-aanaar?! Actress Simran recently had the opportunity to talk to this former actress during the filming of "V.I.P.".. Paavam andha former nadigai nenju odindhu than soga kadhai-yai sonaaraam!.. Her husband is also a big hero and even though he was a divorcee (divorce aanadharkke nadigai dhaan kaaranam enbadhu veru vishayam!), she agreed to marry him, because she was so much in love with him.. Avargal-ukku oru azhaagana 'chutti kuzhandhai' pirandhadhu.. Ippodhu, hero-vukku thalai-kku yeri northie heroine-galodu ooru suththugiraar-aam, kooththu adikkiraaraam!.. "Rakshakan"-aaga irukka vendiyavar, balti adiththu vittaar!..

The former nadigai told this story to Simran, only in efforts to stop her from getting involved with her husband, whom Sims had signed to star with in her next movie!.. Chennai "Agni Natchatram" poll former nadigai pongi yeznundhu porindhu thalli-naal dhaan yenna?!..

***Virudhugal and Vizhaakkal***

***A very special vizha was held in early June honoring five directors, who have received awards and recognition from the government this year.. National Award winning director Agathiyan for his 'thabaal kaadhal' film "Kaadhal Kottai," State Award Winner Director Vasanth ("Aasai" in '95), Raja Sando Award winner Director V.Sekhar (whose recent film was "Pongalo Pongal"), Best first film award winner Director Cheran for his 'thooki vaari podum' climax to the jaadhi prachchanai in "Bharathi Kannamma" and finally, Best Documentary Filmmaker Venkatesh were all honored in this function.. In a tamil movie industry which usually bites its tongue while trying to praise its artists and directors, this vizha was indeed a milestone in its own right!.. Mayor Mu.Ka. Stalin, Directors Sridhar, K.Balachandar, Balu Mahendra, and Bharathiraja pozhindhu-fied the directors with praise and increased a lot of expectations to their future padaippugal.. Congrats again!..

***'Strike' yendru sonnaale.. "Award Functions" dhaan gnyaabagam varum.. considering the entire industry is practically in complete standstill.. every artist was part of all gala events held in Chennai, including a special function held to honor 'Devi' Mani.. In celebration of Mani winning the "Kalaimaamani" award, almost all the big natchatrangal showed up to shine at the event.. including Producers A.V.M. Saravannan, K.R.G., A.M.Ratnam, G.Venkateswaran & 'Kalaipuli' Thanu, Directors Bharathiraja, Rama Narayanan, S.P.Muthuraman, Agathiyan, Lyricist Vairamuthu and an extravagant actor pattaalam including Prabhu, Karthik, Vijaykumar, Saratkumar, Napolean, Chandrasekhar, Prakashraj, Thyagu, Ramarajan, Arjun, and Sivakumar.. And this award function is just the beginning.. innum niraiya irukku!..

***"Dhinakaran" Magazine decided to be next in the row of periya virudhu shows set to happen in Chennai more recently.. In late July, the magazine presented its lifetime achievement awards and best actor and actress awards for this year.. "Dada Saheb Phalke Award" winner Nadigar Thilakam Sivaji Ganeshan with his gambeera smile accepted his lifetime achievement award along side another recipient, Director K.S.Gopalakrishnan.. Kamalahassan received his best actor award from Director K.Balachandar, while Meena, who seems to have floored audiences with her performances in "Bharathi Kannamma" and "Vallal" fetched her Best Actress Award from Director K.S.Ravikumar.. In a rare year of excessive vizhas, Cinema Express Magazine succumbed to other vizhaas and could not squeeze their award show until September 20th, 1997!.. Award-ukku panjame kidaiyaadhu..

Last but not the least..

***The sparkle to the rather dull cinema scene was indeed the great honor which the "Dada Saheb Phalke Award" won this year.. It won an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the actor who has created the very roots of tamil cinema with his acting: "Nadigar Thilakam" Sivaji Ganeshan.. With his ganeer kural, gambeera nadai, and non-chalant acting style, ivalavu varudam kazhiththu, retirement stage almost vandha-pin, the Phalke Award ivar pakkam thirumbiyadhu.. For some strange reason, the entire 'Devi' Mani celebration crowd seemed to have arrived and showered Sivaji with saalvais, bouquets and neezhlam and gundu roja maalais.. Saratkumar, Vijaykumar, 'Nizhalgal' Ravi, Prabhu, Karthik, Napolean, Chandrasekar, Thyagu, Manorama and many others swarmed Sivaji's house, which was filled with sirippu and kudhukalam, after many many years of edhir paarpu and visible disappointment!.. And indeed, Sivaji Ganeshan received his award in late July, dressed in pattu veshti and sattai, making many thamizhargal proud and excited, once and forever..


***This is not "Thiruttu Muzhi" Pandiyarajan's very hilarious tele-serial "Paramapadham" which finished airing a few months ago.. but a very serious tele-serial (mega sized one) running 260 episodes, also titled "Paramapadham" airing 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, on Doordarshan at 11 P.M. at night.. Sivakumar stars as a socially conscious character, Ravi Raja, while Bala Singh (who played the villain in "Avathaaram"), plays Kumaraguru, a bad guy who loses his morals in his urge to acquire money.. Saradha Preetha, Devi Sri and Prithviraj co-star, as 'Isai Gnaani' Ilaiyaraja sings and composes original music for the first time for a tele-serial.. Famous novel writer 'Pattukkottai' Prabhakar writes the story, while the primary director is V.Chakravarthi.. Associate directors are Prabhakar ("Pudhiya Thenral") and Sumiratnam..

***Y.G.Mahendra is tremendously busy in "Chinna Thirai" directing "Saththiyamaa Sollren" which airs on Raj T.V. on Thursday nights.. The very hilarious tele-serial includes stars like 'Venniraadai' Moorthy, Chachchu, Subbuni, Asha and many others.. YGM says that the serial is designed to keep the mind thinking even while you enjoy the comedy scenes.. (Logic-ulla comedy-o?.. Appadi onnu irukkaa yenna?!)..

***If you haven't seen "Dhindukkal" Leoni perform by now.. you are probably missing out!.. The man who drags and kizhichchu-fies new song lyrics apart with his comic jabs has a brand new show airing on Vijay T.V. between 9 and 9:30 A.M. every Sunday morning.. The show titled "Nagaichchuvai Paattu Mandram" which has received a tremendous reception by T.V. audiences, mocks new songs, praises old songs and has Leoni villakkam koduththu-fying for the meanings and implications of old songs.. As a result of its great and deep impression on Chennai and suttrupurangal T.V. watchers, the show airs once again on Wednesday between 6 and 6:30 P.M., for those who miss it on Sundays!.. (Interesting side note, Leoni currently acts in a film "Ganga Gowri".. We will have to watch out for those 'arththa pushti' song lyrics which Leoni usually vaarufies in his shows!)

***A.V.M. Productions, who are currently basking in the glory of their tamil production, "Minsaara Kanavu," have proceeded to create a mega serial titled "Nimmadhi Ungal Choice".. The serial airs on Sun T.V. every Friday night between 9 and 9:30 P.M. and stars Sarath Babu, Jayabharathi, Nagesh, Jayaganesh, Ponnvannan, Sakthikumar, T.S.Anandhi, Crazy Balaji, Venki and others.. S.P.Muthuraman directs and Chandrabose composes music.. Vairamuthu pens the songs, while playback singers S.P.Balasubrahmanyam and Chitra have also contributed with their brilliant singing voices.. It is one of the more expensive shows in production currently..

***Y.G.Mahendra is all over "Chinna Thirai" today.. Besides playing Naaradhar in the tamil version of the serial "Sri Thirupadhi Balaji," YGM is also involved in acting and directing another serial "Mr. Brain" on Sun T.V., which airs every Thursday between 9 and 9:30 P.M. for 30 weeks.. The story is written by 'Vietnam Veedu' Sundharam, while S.V.Ramanan composes music.. Y.G.Mahendra, Typist Gopu, Junior Balaiyya, Kumari Chachchu all star, while Cho Ramaswamy makes a special appearance in the show!..

***"Maraimugam" is a new serial directed by L.V.Adhavan.. It stars 'Nizhalgal' Ravi, Chandrasekar, Kavitha, Loose Mohan, Jayaganesh, Charlie, Kumarimuthu and others.. A comparatively low budget serial, "Maraimugam," a combination of scary and comic material, will be a regular serial on Sun T.V.

***"Madippu Hamsa" becomes a "Mami".. Vichitra, who once played the great supporting actress role, "Madippu Hamsa" in Director Selva's maiden venture "Thalaivaasal," is currently playing the lead role in the tele-serial "Maami Chinna Maami" with co-stars 'Venniraadai' Moorthy, Ranjeeth, Kumarimuthu, Vijayachandrika, V.S.Raghavan and many others.. K.M. Gopalakrishnan directs this serial which is still in production currently..

***Prithviraj, the famous host of "Metro Aattam" on Doordarshan, takes the reins of the lead role in a new serial "Ramani vs. Ramani" produced by K.Balachandar's tele-serial production company 'Min Bimbangal'('Kai Alavu Manasu').. Vasuki, Babu Mohan and several T.V. regulars star, as Naga directs.. The story revolves around a newly married husband and wife, constantly jabbing and attacking each other verbally.. Of course, this is all done in very good humor, as the serial is based truly on realistic events that almost all newly married couples experience.. So, hold on to experience the laugh riot on Thursdays between 7:30 and 8 P.M. on Sun T.V..

***Tamil Movie News***

***'M'iracle 'M'an 'M'anivannan.. Indeed the man who has 'm'ayakki-fied Kodambakkam to such an extent that both Goundamani and Senthil are becoming rather stale in their comic routines.. Dhaadi-yum Dhumbum-aa alaiyum 'M'anivannan has practically become the Comedy 'M'annan of Kodambakkam.. Engay paarthaalum ore 'M' 'mayam' dhaan.. and all the following films, in which he stars, are evidence of just that: (Music Director Deva-vai most number of films potti-yil thookki yeduththu saappittu vittaar!)..

***Kanngalin Vaarththaigal.. Vikram, Sriram(new), Prema, Jeeva..
***Guru Paarvai.. Prakashraj, Kushboo, Indhu, Anju Arvind..
***Abimanyu.. Parthiban, Ravali, Anandaraj, Chandrasekar..
***Adraa Shakkai.. Adraa Shakkai.. Pandiyarajan, Sangita, Anusha..
***Rukkumani.. Nambiraj, Sri Kanya, Jyothilakshmi..
***Sundarapandian.. Karthik, Heera, Swathi..
***Periya Manushan.. Obviously no Satyaraj film in recent years has existed without ManiV's input.. This one isn't any different!.. Ambika, Kovai Sarala, Ravali and Silky co-star..
***The currently untitled tamil remake of the Telegu hit "Maavi Chiguru"   with Jayaram, Heera and Meena..
***Sandhippoma?.. Prakashraj, Ambika, Simran, Vishwa(Ambika/Radha's brother), Radhika, Saratbabu..
***Manasukkul Varalaama?.. Abbas, Ravali, Indhu..
***Ninaiththen Vandhaai.. Vijay, Rambha, Devayani, Senthil..
***Kaadhale Nimmadhi.. Surya(Sivakumar's son), heroine?, Nasar, Pandu, Vivek..
***Sathiya Thaai.. Ramarajan, Suvalakshmi, Vadivelu..
***Thambikku Thaai Manasu.. Ramarajan, Sangavi, 'Nizhalgal' Ravi, Karan..
***Vidukadhai.. Prakashraj, Neena, Janakaraj, Balu Anand..
***Smile Please.. Prakashraj, heroine?, Renuka..
***Annan.. Ramarajan, Swathi..
***Dhinam Dhorum.. Murali, Suvalakshmi..
***Getti Mellam.. Nambiraj, Kushboo..
***Indian Express.. Saratkumar, Kushboo, Roja..
***Janakiraman.. Saratkumar, Rambha, Nagma, Roopashree..
***Kabadi.. Kabadi.. Pandiyarajan, Rasika..
***Kannuppada Povudhu.. Ramarajan, Suvalakshmi..
***Kaangeyam Kaallai.. Parthiban, Ravali, Anju Arvind..
***Pirandha Naal.. Prakashraj, Sangita..
***Veerath Thaalaattu.. Murali, Radhika, Napolean, Lakshmi..
***Poomaname Vaa.. Ramarajan, Sangita..
***Pudu Kudiththanam.. Vignesh, Manthra..
***Raja Magal.. Jayaram, Sruthi, Prakashraj..
***Swarnamukhi.. Prakashraj, Devayani, Parthiban, Fathima Babu..
***Kaadhalikkalaam Vaa.. Vineeth, Soundarya..
***Color Kanavugal.. Kushboo, Karan..

.... and the 'vetri valam' continues..


My Source: Cinema Express, Anandha Vikatan, Kumudham..