***Velliththirai Vambhugal***

(Kisu Kisus, Shandaigal, Modhalgal, etc. etc.)

- Sandya Krishna -


Ellorukkum Vanakkam

Lots of trouble for producers and directors just as 1998 takes off to a rather slow start. But nothing bogs down Kodambakkam so fast. Tons of kisu kisus and news are in store, so arambikkalaama?..

simran***"Adraa Sakkai" illai!.. Like Simran who has come just to create vayaththula puLiya karaichchal for Rambha, "Miss Music" Nadigai is also stunned at the arrival of two competitors. "Avaluga ennai vida periya azhagaa?" So, what exactly is it that producers see in those two? yendru vayaru yerigiraar "Miss Music." The two competitors: Devayani & Suvalakshmi. Paarthi kooda udhavi seiya varavillaiye!

***"Poochchuda-vaa?" yendru kaettu bOndi aana kadhai.. Remember our heartthrob hero who (looks like an ‘appa’vi by nature) ran off to marry so suddenly? People said that his mom was so worried that women were ‘mochchu’-fying him so much that she got him married as soon as possible.  But the actual reason is more interesting. It seems that our heartthrob hero (we’ll call him "Musthafa" for brevity :-) was already in love with this girl before he came into films. Once he became successful in films, he tried to ‘kai kazhuvi’-fy the girl. But the girl’s father looked at the situation and sent a few thugs to scare Musthafa. With the girl’s father threatening, Musthafa ended up katti-fying the thaali as expected. Paavam, "Chimpanzee" nadigai (or at least that was the way Musthafa called her lovingly) she was really hoping to tie the knot with him instead.

***"Abdhulla" adi vaanga pogiraar! That young actor who came into the lime light after his work in Nammavar, is actually married. Few people know that he also has a child from this marriage. Ippadi irukka, a lady who calls herself his manager has been going everywhere with him. The fact that both he and she stayed in the same hotel room in Bangalore has the actor’s wife furious beyond belief. Trouble is definitely brewing!..

***"Muththam thara yeththa idam" yEdhu yendru public-aaga kaetta nadigai, did something good for New Year this year. She called all the heroes in the tamil film industry and asked them if they had forgotten her. She told them that she was still young and just as beautiful as before. Without any fear, the nadigai asked for cinema chances from all the heroes that she had called. Interestingly, a couple of heroes have promised her chances in tamil films soon.  After all the pleading, oru vazhiyaaga, the nadigai currently stars in the 'pallava' director's film, a double heroine subject with Gouthami!.. "Thamizhachi"-kku eppodhume dhairiyam jaasthi dhaan :-)

*** "Thiruttu paarvai" hero recommends to producers to cast the "rasigai"-yanna nadigai as his heroine in almost all of his films. The hero’s wife is having a fit over this and has sternly warned her hubby.  No surprise, adhu dhaan hero-vum, nadigai-yum yErkkanave Kabadi Kabadi aadi vittaargale!..

***"Jujulipaa" thettru pal nadigai from Kuwait, was once a hot heroine in Chennai.  But later on, she packed off to Andhra.  There was news that she had fallen in love with a Telegu businessman.  Now, "Dum Dums" have already occurred in a hush-hush fashion!.. "Vietnam Colony"-yil pudhu kudiththanam-aa?..

***Keerthi vs. Kausalya.. bandhaa vs. eLimai.. happens to be the big difference between the two.  kausalya Just because Keerthi Reddy (Devadhai, Nandhini) is the grand daughter of the very influential Ganga Reddy in Bangalore, she tends to peethi-fy too much.  Moreover, she continuously checks with producers about the facilities, room and board available to her during outdoor shootings.  She demands to be treated like a queen and given all the luxuries of one, both on and off the set.  Producers and Directors are gradually getting tired of her complaints and charades.  The troubles began as early as the Kalyaana Sundaram shootings, when Keerthi grumbled that her room was uncomfortable and took off from Pollachchi without giving any consideration for the shootings taking place.  More recently, Keerthi was signed for Nattpukaaga starring Saratkumar, produced by A.M.Ratnam and directed by K.S.Ravikumar, where they began by finishing up some outdoor scenes on location.  According to Ratnam, Keerthi was given a nice room in a Vadapazhani hotel.  keerthi Without saying a word, Keerthi packed up and went to stay somewhere else.  Later on, she disgustedly said:  "Indha room-la manushi thanguvaanaa?"  Ratnam got furious and thookku-fied Keerthi from the film.  On the other hand, there is Kausalya (Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhga, Nerukku Ner), originally from Bangalore as well.  Known to be the only menmai-yaana heroine still left in tamil cinema, Kausalya is very understanding to producers' troubles and compromises on many things including her salary in certain instances.  She is not rash or harsh in her approach and thinks a lot before making a decision on anything.  So, what would happen if the 'storm' and the 'breeze' came together in a film?  It is happening as we speak, as both Kausalya and Keerthi star in Super Good Films' three heroine film titled Jaali, with Abbas and Kushboo.

***The villain nadigar who has taken the director's 'avathaaram' twice already, recently finished acting in a film which was produced by the government.  Considering the subject matter, none of the distributors came forward to buy the film, as a result, padam dabba-vil dhoosi-yodu irukkiradhu!.. Raja music pOttu koduththum, ondrum prayojanam illai!  Along the same lines, the 'pallava' director returned to the film industry after a long hiatus and began a movie funded by the government.  Experts predict that this movie will also go into the 'dabba,' but 'Swamy' nadigar who stars as the hero says that distributors will buy the film, at least for his name.

***He said.. He said.. They said!..  Things have not been very good for Prakashraj lately.  With Vidukadhai bombing badly at the box office, he has nothing big enough to talk about.  Instead of grumbling, he has gone back to star in Kannada films, which was where he began.  In a surprise press meet/luncheon, Prakashraj gave everyone a big shock.  He declared that he had taken up two Kannada films with two very 'vivagaara-maana' producers.  What he ended up with was a bunch of threatening phone calls.  Prakash says that he is extremely cautious now as any Kannada producer approaches him asking for a call sheet.  During the press meet, Prakashraj also refered to Ramesh Arvind as having similar problems.  A reporter immediately called Ramesh Arvind from his cell phone, only to have RA deny any threatening phone calls coming to him.  Instead, RA said, "Ennai yEnn Prakashraj thevai-yillaamal vambhu-kku izhukkiraar yendru theriyavillai."

***'Thoppai kadavul'-in peyir konda nadigar's lootti keeps increasing every day.  Female fans who contact him via the telephone are having a tough time, as he gets their entire resume within minutes.  Soon afterward, he makes a few 'saththiya vaakku's and continues a discussion with his fans.  This happened to be the way that the nadigar got married in the first place.  "Pillaiyaar-pattikke velichcham!"

***'Baby' nadigai who has become a kumaari nadigai now, is tremendously happy that her first film is a grand success at the box office.  Though she had declared that she would get back to her studies and not act for a while, aasai innum vidavillai!  All is fine and dandy, except that the salary amount that the kumaari is demanding is mind-boggling.  It appears that recently, a producer had gone to her home to sign her for his film.  Once the story was approved, the issue of salary came up.  Kumaari's father held up both his hands and folded two fingers and indicated that it would cost the producer that many lakhs.  Thigai-ththu pona producer ran out immediately.  "Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai" irukkum allavu-kku producer-ukku mariyaadhai yeno kodukkavillai?! :-)

***Haura vazhi vandha 'mangala-garamaana' nadigai claims that she does not act for money!..  So what does she act for really?  According to her, to date, her family has not depended on her since the time she started acting.  Moreover, she claims that the family runs only on her father's salary.  Interestingly, she states that she does not want to act for money alone and whatever she does should be considered only 'kalai sevai.'  What's more, if at all she is asked to act 'ippadi appadi' and anucharichchu pogu-fy, she will say 'goodbye' to films permanently.  Kanna pinna endru vera 'LAW' pesugiraaraam!..

aishwar. ***The Manisha-Aishwarya fiasco.. The 'jagadaa' continues! As if times were any better for both heroines, Manisha Koirala and Aishwarya Rai have gone to a newer level of verbal jabs to show their hatred for each other. The fact that Kajol, Manisha and Ice were all considered at one time or another, to play the heroine in Director Maniratnam's current directorial venture, Dil Se and Manisha finally bagged the role, adds more fuel to the fire.  Now in a Hero magazine interview, Ice has gone as far to declare Manisha as an "keezhthara-maana penn," who just can't shut up!  'Koodiya seekkiram thamizh padam pattri nichchayam shandai poda pogiraargal' happens to be the prediction.  Regardless, the Manisha-Aishwarya "vaai shandai" takes interesting turns everyday..

And last but never the least...

***Listerine-ukku "Kondaattam".. "Arasa Action" Hero and the Rambha-vukku pOtti-yaa vandha nadigai were involved in a big shandai recently.  The director was picturizing a lip-to-lip kissing climax scene for his film.  Paavam nadigai, after 5 takes, she was still sodhapp-ing left, right and center.  When the director became 'kaduppu,' she told him straight to his face: 'Sir, I can't even get near the hero.  Naaththam kumattudhu.  I doubt if he even brushes his teeth.  If you want I will kiss him on his chest.  Ennai vittudunga, Sir.'  The director went ahead and said 'okay,' but by now, Hero tension-aagi vittaar!..  He retorted:  'As if I don't know about her.  Naaththam paththi pesara vaayaa adhu?  Inime ava en padam yedhulaiyum kidaiyaadhu.'  Finally, after all the grumbling and pulambals AND a lot of Mouth Wash and Beeda.. the "ich" scene was shot as originally conceived... 

More To Come Soon!..

Special Thanks to Tamizh Selvan, our Chennai Correspondent, who has sent us extensive tamil cinema information and news, which has been used in this article.

Special Thanks to Suresh Babu (U.K.) for sharing information on the Sarat-Nagma rumours.

My Sources: Cinema Express, Vanna Thirai, Thamizhan Express, Hero, New Filmaalaya, Hindu, Anandha Vikatan, Kumudham and Variety Cinema Directory (1998, 6th Edition.)

Sandya Krishna...