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(Jeans headed for the Oscars.)


Can Shankar Stone Wash the Oscars ? Jeans has been nominated for the Oscars by the Film Federation of India. FFI has managed to once again ignore conventional wisdom by not nominating an artsy film and chosing a mainstream venture for the Oscars. PTI reports that it was chosen over six other films short-listed by the FFI. We can wait and see if Jeans will be short-listed by the Academy when they announce their nominations for the Best Foreign Film early next year. Considering that Hollywood has still not released its Oscar potential movies yet (they usually premier in December to make the 98 deadline), it seems a little premature to nominate Jeans without reviewing potential movies like Desiya Geetham from Cheran, for example. Anyways, Lets see if this Jeans can weather the forces!