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Laughter is the Best Medicine

The best of Crazy Mohan - Part I

In no particular order... here are 10 movies to lighten up your weekend!

Apporva Sagodaragal Kamal in varying sizes, the shortest being the most important! Crazy Mohan is in his elements penning one-liners and playing with words. Excellent Entertainer superbly crafted by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. Raja's tunes are all foot tapping hits.
Michael Madana Kama Rajan Kamal Times Four = Four Times Fun! Kamal is brilliant as the Palaghat Iyer Cook Kameshwaran. Crazy Mohan packs it with more than the usual quota of one-liners. A little campy, but great fun to watch!
Indiran Chandiran Kamal is excellent as the mayor, and Mohan's script comes in handy as this Telugu comedy is translated for the Tamil audiences. The remake of "Moon Over Parador" surprisingly works very well in Tamil under the supervision of Suresh Krishna.
Arunachalam Rajini's much awaited post election flick, suffering from the lack of a political target. Mohan tries his best to write for Rajini and succeeds to a certain extent. "Andha Andavan Solran.." seems to have taken over Tamil Nadu, much like "Show me the money" in the US.
Avvai Shanmuhi Crazy Mohan is at his best in this Sure Fire Comedy Hit that you don't want to Miss! Kamal does one better on Robin Williams ably supported by a stellar supporting cast. The child actress is a real show-stealer!
Chinna Mappillai Mohan pens yet another case of mistaken identity, this time for Prabhu. Santha Barathi does a decent job of holding things together. A couple of Raja numbers make this one worthwhile.
Sathi Leelavathy Remake of She-Devil. Kamal & Kovai Sarala steal the show playing a Kovai-Tamil speaking couple who sort out the problems in the life of a family friend, played by Ramesh Arvind.
Kathanayagan (S.Ve.Shekar + Padiyarajan) * Crazy Mohan = Fun! The Gaja-Dubai episode is destined for the comedy hall of fame. Situational comedy exploiting the talents of Pandiyarajan and Shekar!
Mr. Romeo Mohan salvages this rather insipid Prabhu Deva flick from the abyssmal depths it almost sinks to, no thanks to a unimaginative screenplay. Sparks of fun here and there.. Two ARR numbers have come out nicely!
Magalir Mattum Mohan translates 9-5 for modern day Tamilians. Singeetham's direction holds this together. The "Technology has improved so much" dialogue has become a commonly used phrase in colleges today!