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Top-10 from the 80s -I

Contributed by Easwaran Hariharan.

Here are my 10 favorite films of 80's.

Nenjathai Killadhe It is a Lovely film, with very good camera workand mind blowing music by raja. Film was about a young modern girl, whostruggling to live with her crude sister in law, despite having lovingbrother, found some one to love her. After finding he was a coward, shewas forced to marry her brother's friend. The rest of the story was howshe went about accepting her husband. Very different film from mahendran, probably a trendsetter for later films like mouna ragam. Allthe actors/actress(s) in the film did a good job, though sharat babudeserved special mention.
Vaideghi Kathirundhal Film came in the time, when assistants ofbharathi raja were coming in large numbers to give lot of good films.Directed by R.sundarajan, who already gave hits like payangalmudivathillai before. What I liked in this movie, was the way director combined three small separate stories together. One of vijaykanth's early hit film. Raja teamed up with jayachandran and gave some evergreenhits.
Thambikku Endha Ooru Very different rajani film, from his usual masala Stuff. It is one of the early rajani movies, where he tried to be funny.He didSucceed. Rajani's acting, Rajasekar's direction, and with raja songslike 'kadhalin deepangal', 'en valvile varum anbe vaa', made this filmone of all time rajani's best movies.
Raajaparvai Very experimental film from kamal, may be little bitearly for the audiences to appreciate. Kamal literally lit up the screenwith hisacting as blind person, with good support from madavi, T.V.Prasad andothers. Did I have to mention about raja's music in this film?. Greatmovieto watch, if you are a fan of good, mature, and serious films.
Uyire Unakkaga One of the surprise films of 80's. Directed byRangaraj, who is another assistant of bharathi raja, this film is aboutan young rich girl, who came out from his rich surroundings to look outfor real love. She ended up seeing it in a small poor family. As anadiyafan, I could not have expected more. She along with mohan, sujatha andothers gave a very good performance. Though film was not a commercialsuccess, its music Scored by lakshimikanth-pyarilal had lot of pleasingnumbers.
Pillai Nila it should be one of all time best horror movies in TFhistory.It is Directed by manobala, another assistant of bharthiraja. Film wasabout a rich girl, who committed suicide because of love failure. Thenshe entered into her lover's daughter body to take revenge. Radika'sacting was one of the highlights of the film, as raja background scoreand songs. Must see for all the fans who like horror movies.
Nayagan It is One of the well known movies of this generation. Iliked every thing in this movie. Did I have to mention, why this film isin the 10 ten list?.
Apoorva Sagodarargal It is my the no one favorite film of 80's.Apart fromkamal's acting as dwarf, funny dialogues, raja's music and othertechnical things, it was the kamal's screenplay, which did attract memuch. I liked the way janakaraj character was treated in this film. Overall a must see movie for all kind of fans.
Mouna Raagam In my opinion, It is probably the best film frommanirathnam so far. It should be in every one's top 10 movies of 80's.I already got bored mentioning raja music in every film, but apparentlyhe was not. Background score and songs in this film deserve to bepreserved forever.
Andha 7 Natkal It is one of the best films from bakkiyaraj, who ofcourseis another assistant director from bhartiraja family. Rumored to be thestory based on comedy actor chandrababu's real life, this film hadeffectivecombination of strong story, very good dialogues and great acting. It istheultimate example of how to write effective screen plays. Bakkiyarajexcelled in writing it and giving a gripping story, which would hauntus forever.

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