Rating: 2 stars

This film follows today's trend of "can't be bothered with the story but have a lot of laughs" movies, more in the same mould as Pudhayal and Pistha. For those who haven't seen the latter two, this is a spoof comedy, many jokes imitating familiar trademark scenes of some greatly successful movies of recent years.

Story (for those fussy old timers): Ramki and Goundamani are full-time cheats (often cheat on each other) end up successively with a rich landlord (called Panchu Goundar) who has a long-lost son from an illegimate affair obviously hidden from his wife (Sindhu). Both try to act as the lost son only to make a runner with the landlord's fortune. Ramki succeeds but end up loving the rich man's daughter (Sangavi). Panchu Goundar persuades Goundamani to move into the family to stop Ramki wooeing Sangavi (as Brother loving his step-sister would become un-ethical). Villain angle is provided by Pandu - as Kunju Goundar - who tries to un-ravel the mystery to gain respect in the society as he was an ex-servant (but now equally rich) to Panchu G. Senthil provides the fourth angle to the story as the long-lost son, named 'Jack-an-Jill' - a famous pop singer with hair to outdo Michel Jackson. Ramki and Sanghavi in Ahaa enna PoruthamThe family song that can unit the father and the son is Anbu MalarkalE from the film Naalai NamathE, sung with SPB voice. Ramki and Gounds do everything for Senthil not to disclose the truth. Who cares what happens in the end ...

Ramki's role seems to be made for Parthiban - same as in Tata Birla. He doesn't have the perfect timing required for comedy (He needs to watch a lot of Kamal's recent comedies). Gounds is the real hero of the film. However most of the jokes are for Senthil. Sangavi looks glamourous, as expected of from her. Senthil's impression of the Kamal's scene in Punnakai Mannan (the scene Rekha asks Kamal to smile) is very hilarious. Some other films that are used for (as) jokes include: Indhiyan, Manokara, Ejaman., Chinna Goundar. It also mocks some typical scenes of village oriented films like Panchayathu meetings under a banyan tree, why 18 patti is mentioned all the time etc. Don't expect funny dialogues like those from Crazy Mohan films. It is just the scenes are funny. Those who (absoutely) hate Gounds and Senthil, better watch some other movie. The music sounds like those of old Arjun films. An OK movie to watch with friends. It is better than 'Ninaithen Vanthai minus the songs'.


Original Photograph (Aha Enna Porutham): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna