If Sarathkumar is good enough to spoil Nethaji's name, Naps can do a step better with another freedom fighter's - Bhagath Singh!!

An ambitious opposition party leader plans to take over the TN government in the next election by encouraging terrorism in the society thereby weakening the people's trust with the ruling party.  Doesn't it sound like a very cinematic, unbelievable plot ?!  He is supported by people at different levels of the socal ladder such as an industrialist (Vinu Chakravarthi), an IG (Ajay Rathnam), a loyal party member (Nizhalgal Ravi) etc.  Naps, an army officer, appointed as an Asst Commissioner by the good hearted CM (Visu) because of the hero's courage and partriotism (happy for the title now!!) unfolds the plot in 2hrs 10 mins.

Napolean and Sanghavi in Bhagavath SinghNaps has the physique for a police officer but he is often let down by his voice modulation.  Same story here.  Visu does little as the CM but giving orders to Naps.  Sangavi as a social worker collects money to educate poor children but forgets the lot once she marries the hero (poor kids).  Rasika (arimukam - Again!!) fills the gap for a sexy number.  Ravi is wasted as Naps' adopted brother.   Ajay is the best of the villains lot - as he often is.  Deva's music is repetetive (I too become repetitive in mentioning this).  Best to fast forward the songs.  Dialogues are OK at times.  Gounds-Senthil aren't funny.  Paavam (the original) Bhagath Singh.  And those who watch the film too.


Original Photograph (Bhagavath Singh [revised]): Thanks to Cinema Express.
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna