Rating: 3-1/2 stars

Another sixer from Chae-Run. A thinking director who's got what it takes, except for the editing.  He extracts good work from the actors, blends his ideas seamlessly and there is that clear flow of creativity and passion so rare these days.   Also the topic he has choosen has so much of scope (like Indhiyan).   Happy viewing!

Desiya Geetham Advertisement - Murali and RambhaThe story has a strong message.  People in villages live under very poor conditions mainly because of our politicians who time & again have ignored the needs of people, busy looting and people suffer when all this euphoria of 50 years of independence is everywhere. Though it fails to provide a logical solution, it keeps you riveted to the screen for the most part.

Powerfully & fluently told.  We should be proud of Cheran.   Nasar & Nagesh stand out.  Even Ramba is convincing in that "injection" scene. Murali is usual.  Ranjith is sparkling in parts (koruvammakka... in that "well" scene ). One more guy (black & very casual) who accompany these two is damn good.  Watch out for him in the forthcoming movies.   Manivannan is played quite sensibly & Ilaiyaraja's music blends so well with the movie's ideas.  All said, who, these days makes movies so real that they touch a cord or two deeply?  Hats off to Cheran.

Lakshmi Priya

Original Photograph (Desia Geetham): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya