Vijay and Rambha in "Endrendrum Kaadhal"Movie Name: Endrendrum Kaadhal
Stars: Vijay, Rambha, Bhanupriya, Raghuvaran & others

Music: Manoj Bhatnagar
Director: Manoj Bhatnagar

Released: March 1999
Reviewer: Sandya Krishna

Rating: 2 stars

It is true to a major extent that the majority of tamil films repeat the same old “kaadhal” formula all for the sake of a story. Endrendrum Kaadhal comes out of the same rut as well. But there is one difference. Even though the film has absolutely nothing new to offer, it doesn’t test your patience. Director Manoj Bhatnagar’s debut film might not be your ideal cup of tea, but it plays its role as an accompanying ‘biscuit’ to a ‘tee.’

Vijay is a successful businessman, who belongs to an extended family comprising of a father, a couple of brothers & co. and a sister, Bhanupriya. He visits Switzerland for a business proposition and meets Nizhalgal Ravi, his sister Rambha and cousin, Raghuvaran. After some Tom & Jerryish fights between Vij & Rambs, they fall in love with each other. Nizhalgal Ravi, who is so full of himself, (and hot air :-) tries to convince Vijay of becoming a veetoda maappillai and settling with him, his wife, Rambha and Raghuvaran in Switzerland. Vijay pOngu-fies with dEsa pattru, shuns Rambha and returns to India. Raghuvaran enters the picture as the mediator who wants all parties to be happy and decides to come to India with Rambha to smoothen things out with Vijay. Just before he leaves for India, he finds a photograph of Nizhalgal Ravi and Bhanupriya in a romantic pose. He gets the shock of his life in India when he finds out that the ‘still-single’ Bhanupriya is none other than Vijay’s own sister. The plot takes complicated turns and finally everything ends well with Vijay-Rambha & Bhanu-Raghu tying the knot.

It is actually hard to believe that dEsa pattr-udaiya Vijay would fall in love with the highly western(swiss)ized Rambha, who calls his extended family household a ‘labor colony’ and congratulates her friend on her second dating/marriage experience. Even more weird is watching Bhanu agreeing to marry Raghuvaran without tantrums. But cinema-vil ellaame saathiyam dhaan! Radha Ravi is hilarious in the scene where he gives hints to Rambha in answering the cooking questions. Raghuvaran is also pretty impressive as the cousin who is torn between being honest and being cautious. The cinematographer, Vijay Milton, deserves a big pat on the back for his work in the song, Endrendrum Kaadhal and most of the scenes involving Vij & Rambs sightseeing tours. Manoj Bhatnagar’s songs, story, screenplay and direction are passable as are Crazy Mohan’s dialogues. The background score is especially good during the ‘sightseeing’ tour sequences. See if you can get your hands on a good print of this film to watch! It may not be as much of a pleasure to watch otherwise!

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (Endrendrum Kaadhal): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya