Rating: 3 stars

A suspense filled story-line keeps the viewers guessing about the motives of the vengeful hero, played to perfection by Prakashraj.

Gurumurthy (Prakashraj) is the owner of a garage along with his chief mechanic Mani (Manivannan). The first half flies swiftly over two acts of vendatta that Gurumurthy wrecks on the girls, Pooja (Eswari Rao) and Sonali (Madhu Sharma). As a result, both their lives are destroyed. In order to implement his schemes on Sonali, he befriends Shanti (Khushbu), a small-time thief, and gives shelter to her and her two nephews. Here, there are rather long and unnecessary comedy (yawn..) scenes with Mani and Shanti that one wishes, would get over soon. The second act of revenge paves way for a timely flasback where the reasons behind these acts of Gurumurthy are unveiled. A jobless graduate, Guru lives with his mother, sister and grandmother. His desperation to get a government job is shown well in the scenes where he is forced to sell his gold medal to curry favours for the bank officer's wife. He is helped by a sympathetic Priya (Anju Arvind) who is his landlord's daughter. Prakashraj and Kushboo in "Guru Paarvai"By a turn of events, Priya comes to live with Guru's family and he gets an opportunity to sit for the bank officers' exam. The events that happen on the day of the exam change Guru's life forever and explain the motives behind his acts of revenge. The final segment moves fast and culminates in the final act of revenge that completes Guru's mission. Scenes here are tailored to display the Prakashraj-type of emoting that we have seen over and over again in so many movies.

Prakashraj shines throughout, especially in the hall-ticket scenes, where anyone who has lost his hall-ticket before a major exam could relate to him. Manivannan continues with his usual brand of humour which appears to be in its death throes. Khushbu needs to desperately lose weight is she wants to wear those short outfits like the ones in the song Podu Jeans. Otherwise, she provides just the right kind of acting required for her character. Anju Arvind looks homely and 'Thalaivaasal' Vijay fits well. S.V Shekar comes in a brief role with not much comedy element in it. The song, Paarvai Paarvai by Deva is good but the other ones provide good occasions for trips to the popcorn stall.


Original Photograph (Guru Paarvai): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya