Rating: 2.5 stars

The title says it all. It is about a guy who should be a Harichandra but for the sake of comedy he is made otherwise. It seems our filmy people can't shrug off the foursome stories, be it a comedy, a love story, a family story ... there got to be four characters together. It is quite often considered the one who is different from the other three is the hero. 'Naalu pEr nalla irukka udhavum-na edhuvumE thappillE'!!

Karthik has all the bad habits (as from the heroine's point of view!!) in the world but he is gold at heart. He drinks alcohol, goes to disco, eats all kind of living beings, can't stop telling lies, etc. His companions are his office colleagues (Vivek, Chinni Jeyanth and Vaiyapuri) for all his activities which happily go on until he meets (accidentally, of course !!) Meena. Her character/likeness is completely opposite to that of Karthik's. As a good hero, he pretends to be what she wants to see in him, whenever she is around. Inevitably Love strikes but the truth has got to come out at some point. So it does Karthik and Meena in Harichandrain an anonymous letter written with a pseudo name Chithra by Janakaraj (Meena's family doctor), who has got involved in a fight with Karthik. Suspicion springs in her mind. To add twist in the story, there appears a girl with the name Chithra (Priya RAman) who accidentally meets Karthik. She is actually looking for her boy-friend who happens to be out of town, and seeks Karthik's asylum until he returns. Due to the circumstances Karthik lets her stay in his house. Meena comes to know about Priya RAman and believes she is responsible for the anonymous letter. When Karthik tries to explain the truth through Priya RAman, she gets involved in an accident and goes in psycho-amnesia (conveniently discovered for our film makers). She can't remember a thing. Find out the rest in the video.

After so many blunders in recent months, Karthik seems to have come out with a hit (??) movie. As he is surrounded by a group of comedians, the entire film is entertaining. Chinni comes out on top. Karthik hasn't got anything different to do though but the usual things he has done in many previous movies. But what stands out from the rest is the screenplay and the direction. Added twists in the story make it interesting(even though sometimes unbelievable) to watch. Meena looks slightly slimmer than she was in Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar. Throughout the film she comes in saree (unusual for !!). She does her over-acting bit too. Is it necessary for the heroine to overact in emotional scenes? Priya Raman does the job well. The songs are OK. It's another comedy movie with no jokes to remember. Worth watching. 'antha naalu pErukku nanRi'


Original Photograph (Harichandra): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph reworked by: Krishna