Rating: 2 stars

Looking at the star cast and also given Fazil's reputation, you go to this movie with a lot of expectation, only to be sorely disappointed. This movie reminds you of Oru CBI Diary Kurippu, with the 'viruviruppu' missing. But, still, it is a pleasure to watch Mamooty, Mohanlal and Juhi.

Mamooty and Mohanlal are both lawyers, with the same name: Harikrishnan. One is called Hari and the other, Krishnan, to avoid confusion. Both of them are investigating the murder of a guy and during the course of their investigation, meet and fall for Juhi. Juhi likes both of them, but doesn't know which one to choose as her husband. Finally, the murder is solved, the bad guys apprehended and Juhi is still yet to make up Mamooty, Director Fazil and Mohanlalher mind. Looks like even Fazil could not help. So, he leaves the ending to the audience! It gives you an incomplete feeling, if you don't know the ending for sure.

The scenes where both Mamooty and Mohanlal compete with each other in courting Juhi are very nicely picturized. Some scenes are even funny. This is a movie that could be watched with the whole family. It is very decent (just as all the other Fazil movies). Wait for the video instead of spending money in the theater.

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Harikrishnans): Thanks to Ananda Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya