Rating: 2.5 stars

Nowadays, movies with family subjects are becoming popular among filmmakers, Movies like Kadhalukku Mariyathai and Thulli Thirinda Kaalam have emphasized on family relationship & responsibilities. While Iniyavaley is all about misunderstanding and rivalry between families, This movie reminds me of Arjun's Kondattam which also had the same concept. Iniyavaley is about two families who were friends at first but later....... (read on)

The 1st family has Mouli and Laxmi husband & wife and they have a son by the name of Prabakaran (Prabu), Praba has 2 very close friends, Raja and Vadivelu who stay in Praba's house most of the time, Raja and Vadivelllu even call Praba's parents as Amma & Appa. So don't be mistaken that these boys are brothers. On the other hand Raja has his own family a mother and a younger sister. Arrangements are made to look for a "maappillai" for Raja's sister and they find someone, everything goes well until Raja's sister decides that she doesn't want to marry because she knows that the house has to be sold to pay her dowry.  So Praba offers help to Raja's family and the wedding takes place as planned. Prabakaran is a poet who writes to magazines and is admired by Gauthami, a dance teacher. She sends Praba poems to express her feelings(love) for him. Praba gently replies (by poem) that he is not actually interested in her and want to be friends only. Gauthami accepts this and carries on with her life. Among Gauthami's students are sisters Suvalaxmi & Keerti Reddy, who are daughters of Raghuvaran and wife(2nd family). Suvalaxmi is a gentle, soft-spoken sensitive girl, while Keerti Reddy is a playful brat. One day Mouli & Laxmi meet Suvalaxmi in a temple, and decide to have Suvalaxmi as their daughter-in-law. They discover that Suvalaxmi is the daughter of Mouli's old classmate Raghuvaran. Arrangements are made for Praba to see the future bride. Praba is not very happy with the arrangement as he wants to study IAS and be a collector first, so he decides to cancel the arrangement. But his friends Raja and Vadivelu advise him not to cancel but instead to go and see the girl (just for his parent's sake) and say that he does not like the girl. Praba then gets his own idea to cancel the wedding, where he writes a letter to Suvalaxmi and says that he needs to further his studies and doesn't want to marry now. He also requests her to say that SHE does not like him, instead of him saying it. Praba and friends go to see the girl thinking that their 'new' plan would have worked and Suvalaxmi would have got the letter; but the letter only arrives fewPrabhu and Suvalakshmi in "IniyavaLe" minutes before Praba arrives as the maappillai and Suvalaxmi was just starting to read the letter when she hears the maappillai coming and she drops the letter into the drawer (without reading it fully) So what happens? Suvalaxmi says that she likes Praba . Praba is shocked by the answer and goes out of the house to the garden to discuss with his friends about what could have gone wrong with his plan. Meanwhile Laxmi comes to the garden to find out what was going on, and Praba explains to her that he does not want to marry now. This conversation is overheard by the maid of the house and she interprets it as the "maappillai doesn't like the ponnu." Praba & family immediately leave the house. Then Suvalaxmi goes into shock and later dies …………..When Praba& family come for the funeral, Praba is blamed by Raghu and family for causing the death of Suvalaxmi. So Mouli & Raghu's friendship is broken and Raghu doesn't want anything to do with Mouli's family. Mouli and Laxmi are sad & depressed with what had happened, they both often break down and cry.  Seeing this, Praba wants to help relieve his parents' pain & suffering by deciding to marry Suvalaxmi's sister Keerti? Will Praba get to marry Keerti? Will he be able to prove that he was not the cause of Suvalaxmi's death? Watch the movie to find out.

Overall a good Family Drama with an unpredictable storyline. Filled with emotions & rivalry, this movie reflects what could happen in real life. But the problem could have been solved in a much easier way which is by Speaking Out. Praba could have met Suvalaxmi in person and explained his situation to her in that way he could have saved her from dying. This movie teaches us a lesson that we should talk out our problems face to face, instead of doing it indirectly(writing letters). This movie should have been made into a T.V. Serial instead of a long 21/2 hour movie. The songs which are of sentimental type earn moderate rating. All the stars played their roles well. Best credit should go to Laxmi for her wonderful acting as a mother; who did the role of paatti (grandmother) in Jeans. Raghuvaran also did his part well as a responsible father. That is all the credit I can give. So if you want to watch the movie, rent a video as it is not worth watching in the cinema theater.

Ganesh Kumar

Original Photograph (IniyavaLe): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya