Rating: 4 stars

After giving us two promising movies, Prasanth is back in this interesting love tale.  Kaadhal Kavithai, directed by award winning director, Agathian has Isha Gopikar in the lead. She gives a poised and convincing performance.

Vishva (Prasanth) spends his time hanging out with Charlie to avoid his mother (Ambika) who always quarrels with his dad (Manivannan). To find peace, he plays tricks on others. Among the victims is Jothi (Isha).  The story moves to London, where Prasanth visits Princess Diana's grave and leaves a beautiful poem behind. At the same time, Isha too visits the grave and leaves a note after reading the poem. Then begins a warm relationship between Isha Gopikar and Kasthuri in "Kaadhal Kavidhai"Isha and Prasanth without seeing each other. Kaadhal Kavithai is a movie where the man knows the girl but doesn't know that she is the one he is in love with. Ilayarajaa has composed a few good songsDiana, Diana is the best.  Kasthuri does a small but important role.  Her kavarchi appearence is a complete change from her usual presence in sarees.

This movie is handled neatly. Agathian manages well with dialogues and a fresh mix of characters. The feuding Manivannan-Ambika and the loving Rajeev-Srividya are fun to watch.  Prasanth can surely look forward to this movie. Definitely the MUST SEE MOVIE of the year!

Mahendra Duray

Original Photograph (Kaadhal Kavithai): Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya