Rating: 0.5 star

This movie is a big UPWARD push in Karan's acting career (he should think so), a big DOWNWARD push in Kushboo's acting career (she should think so) and a big BACKWARD push to the tamil film industry (we must admit so). An utterly boring 'oru thalai ragam' type story told with a different but disappointing and a childish climax. Either someone must have a lot of money burning hole in his pocket or the director must have thought he had another 'Love Today' up in his sleeves to take such a movie. In either way the sufferers are the viewers.

Karan saves the rich Northie girl Kushboo's dog. Thus befriends her. A couple of gifts given by her as a token of friendship is mistaken by the hero as a token of love. That rich enough girl actually passes those gifts she receives from another person, who tries to express his love to Kushboo through the gifts. Now misunderstanding arises. Karan assumes Kushboo loves him. His money-crazy father (Manivannan), who finds from computer astrology that the only way he could become a millionaire is through his son - Karan-'s wife, blindly encourages him to love Kushboo. About half a movie later, the villain appears in the form of a womanising inspector. Thalaivaasal Vijay - as the inspector- takes fancy of Kushboo and tries to rape her (see how low Kushboo can go). Karan tries to save her but ends up in the hopital with a gun shot (heroism!!). There karan pleads for Kushboo's love. Kushboo sympathises with him and .... (take a wild guess but be different).

Karan should have signed on the dotted line when told he was the hero opposite Kushboo. Unfortunately time was not in his favour. He doesn't look like a hero material. He tries to be over ambitious, in other words "Bandha". Why Kushboo does such roles. A Suvalaskmi or a Heera would be better suited. She is like any heroines now: wears tight modern cloths, wiggles for silly rythms, dances in some sexy outfits and to maintain her reputation swims in a pool completely dressed (The director couldnt have asked more from a big - in every sense - heroin). Sorry for Kushboo fans! More sorry for Karan fans!! Manivannan and Vennira adai moorthi tickle with their standard humour. Deva's music lacks good tunes. Maybe he needs a break. Dialogue is sothappal. In short nothing goes well in this movie. Don't do the same mistake as I have done.

S K Sureshbabu