Rating: 2-1/2 stars

Prashanth is back after his huge success of Jeans.   But this time, Simran is pairing with him.  Karan almost outshines Prashanth in this unbeliavable love story.

Engineering student Vasanth(Prashanth) is obsessed with Priya (Simran) whom he bumps into at a railway station.  He thinks it is love at first sight. He pursues her on foot, bus and train only to be rudely kicked off.  But he persists and just when everything seems to be going his way, he has toKaran, Prasanth, Simran and Srividya in "KaNedhiray ThondrinaaL" chose between his friendship with his good friend Shankar (Karan) or the gorgeous woman.  But I have to say that the scriptwriter hardly gives convincing reasons about why the hero has to separate from the girl.  Up until then the story had been beautifully captured by Cinematographer thankar bachan with beautiful locales, houses, dances and rib-tickling humour.  Add the wonderful acting by Prashanth and Karan and Director Ravichandran had all the elements for a hit movie.   Yet he had to make the story so unbelievable.

Too much of good thing - especially songs - is also bad.  There were eight songs.  Deva's Easwara and Kanave Kalaiyaadhe stand out.  Watch this if you are a big fan of Prashanth and Simran.

Mahendra Duray

Original Photograph (KaNedhiray ThondrinaaL): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya