Rating: 2 stars

This is a new director and there is some kind of high expectation associated with Super Good Films and R.B. Choudhary. This movie does not live up to it.

Vijaykanth is highly respected in his village and loves his younger brother Karan blindly - so much so that he even gives up his lady love Simran when he finds out that his brother also loves her! Then people's tongues wag and Karan suspects Vijaykanth of having an affair with Simran. His parents (Lakshmi-Sivakumar) then unfold Vijaykanth's past. Vijaykanth is actually the son of a great man (another Vijaykanth in 'Periyanna' getup!) who dies while saving the lives of Lakshmi and Sivakumar. Vijayakanth & Simran in Kannupada PogudhaiyyaHe entrusts the small Vijaykanth to them and they have since then brought him up as their own son. The young Vijaykanth even transfers all his 'sothu' in their names so that they won't have any complex! The villains (Lakshmi's brother Radharavi and his son Anandraj) change heart and Vijaykanth marries Anandraj's daughter and all ends well.

The movie is a mixture of all old hits : the first 45 minutes remind you of 'Arunchalam' when Simran does not know who 'Vetrivel Iyaa' is and talks to Vijaykanth without knowing that he is the one. The flashback reminds you of 'Muthu'. The entire story is so old that you feel that you've seen this movie before! The songs are not that good. Vijaykanth looks like everybody's uncle and it is high time he stopped prancing around with young heriones. Simran does a good job and looks cute.

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Kannupada Pogudhaiya): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna