Rating: 1 star

This is supposed to be a comedy film; supposed to emphasize the need of living in a secular, multi-religious society. In the Indian film world it means, a Hindu boy marrying a Christian girl for which he gets help from a Muslim brother (i.e., friend). You get a comedy film. Try a different combination like a Christian boy marrying a Muslim girl supported by a Hindu boy!! You don't get to see film in the theater as it wouldn't have passed the censor.

Pandiyarajan - a Palakad Brahmin boy - falls in love with Suvalakshmi - a Christian girl (called Filomina, in short Mina) - assuming that she is a brahmin girl Mina from her accent. She speaks with brahmin accent because of the brahmin environment in her workplace. His family is so orthodox that they wouldn't let any non-brahmin to walk through the front door. Within 15 minutes and of course after a duet they tie a knot in the register office. Only when she signs Filomina, Pandiyarajan realizes the truth. She never said what religion she belongs to. The matter of love marriage comes to his family's knowledge. Padiyarajan hides the truth from his five elder brothers (Dance master Raguram and co) and mother K.R.Vijaya. But for how long, as his last brother (Janakaraj) feels something fishy in the matrimony. Suvalakshmi, Pandiyarajan, K. R. Vijaya etc. in Kavalai Padaadhae SagodharaTo make the film truthfully secular SSChandran - a Muslim who has lent money to Janakaraj - ends up in the house as Vasul Bhaba . How is the complicated situation unraveled? Is Padiyarajan thrown out of the family? What has Prakashraj - Padiyarajan's brother who works in Dubai - got to say about the marriage? Find out all about these if you have nothing more interesting to do.

The film belongs to Suvalakshmi, as her nice homely face suits well to the role. Pandiyarajan with his 'thiruttu muzhi' would have suited well to the role had the role not been for a brahmin boy. Most of the time he tries to concentrate on his dialogue delivery but looses the timing of the situation and his acting. He doesn't seem to have done anything decent since Gopala Gopala. Raguram as the eldest brother roars about his authenticity, family values ... Better for him not to appear in front of the camera. Janakaraj as usual delivers his high pitch dialogues. He is better than most of other major casts. Radharavi acts as drunken uncle of Suva. Why is he doing such minor characters nowadays? Can't believe Illayaraja not producing even a single hit for this Panchu Arunachalam production. One day a mega hit like Kathalukku Mariyadhai and another day a junk like this? He must have thought, the music is more than sufficient for this kind of film. BTW the 'Sakothara' in the title is not for brother but for brotherhood. A good film to watch while chatting with friends.


Original Photograph (Kavalaipadathe Sakothara): Thanks to Cinema Express, Kumudam
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna