Rating: 2 stars

There is nothing new in the storyline. They have wasted the talents of a lot of big stars like Radhika, Sivakumar, Oorvasi, etc.!

Prabhu hates his father Sivakumar thinking that he killed his mom, Oorvasi.  Radhika is his stepmother and Ranjith is their son.  Devayani is engaged to Ranjith, but Prabhu mistakes her friendship with him for love and is sorely disappointed when he learns the truth.  So, he rapes Devayani in a fit of rage. Even though Ranjith still offers to marry her, she goes and lives with Prabhu, determined to make Prabhu a good man and unite him with his father.  Prabhu is in the grips of Anandaraj.  Sivakumar and Anandraj are brothers who are married to two sisters (Oorvasi and Sindhu, respectively). Anandraj kills both the sisters and puts the blame on Prabhu and Devayani in Kummi PaattuSivakumar some 18 years back. Manorama (the two sisters' mom) is the only witness who has been locked up and tortured by Anandaraj all these years! Prabhu finally learns the truth and so, Anandraj kills Sivakumar and puts the blame on Prabhu! After the usual climax fight, Anandraj gets killed by Manorama and all ends well.

A couple of songs are good in this movie. Prabhu looks like he has lost a few pounds, but also looks kinda old despite a lot of make-up. Like I said earlier, Sivakumar, Radhika and Oorvasi have been terribly wasted in this movie. Can wait for the tape!

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Kummi Pattu): Thanks to Dhina Malar
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya